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Heart Warming / Princess Trixie Sparkle

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  • Twilight convincing Spike she is who she is, by telling him his greatest fear was her no longer needing him, which she does and will always. Cue hug.
  • Pinkie trying her best not to let Rarity down, after she has to show up for a fashion show in the latter's place.
  • Luna trying to teach Trixie (Who she thinks is Twilight at the time) the responsibilities she must up hold, after the latter was acting rather shallow.
    • Towards the end of song, where they are now singing while in flight, Trixie, surprisingly, looks like she is getting into it.
  • Trixie helping protect The Mane Six, after all she had done.
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  • Cadence trying to comfort and calm Twilight down, after she finally lets her emotions over everything Trixie had done to her get the best her.
  • Shinning Armor is understandably, beyond pissed off about what Trixie did to his little sister and makes it clear that Trixie would have Tartarus to pay if not for the fact that they need her at the moment. It really is sweet, how much he cares about Twilight.
  • Despite them not being on particularly good terms at the moment, Luna makes it very clear that she won't go against Celestia again or join Astel.
    • She also desperately tries to get Astel to change her mind and let go of the past.
  • Evil or not, it is Astel showing genuine affection towards Luna the little sister she never knew and desperately trying to get her on her side is pretty touching.
  • Trixie making a full Heel–Face Turn and becoming The Element of Forgiveness.

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