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Awesome / Princess Trixie Sparkle

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  • Spike picking up Rainbow, who is currently in his body, and using his own tail as lock pick.
  • The Mane Six, Spike, Candace, Shining Armor, and his guard's attempts to stop The Shadow Alicorn, though ultimately fruitless, are admiral.
    • Princess Cadence calling on the power of her guards and The Crystal Empire and becoming the first and only pony, to have put up a serious fight against the nigh invisible Shadow Alicorn.
      Shadow: What is this?
      Cadence: This is the power of The Crystal Empire! And you will tremble in its might!
  • The visuals in the Confrontation, namely when Astelle-covered barbwire for some reason- and Luna clash in hellish landscape with giant swords.
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  • Though it ends badly for everyone in the end, Twilight finally wiping that smug look off of Trixie's face after double crossing her, thinking she was just pretending to work with them, before attacking her is really satisfying after all the crap Trixie put her through.
  • Trixie finally pulling a Heel–Face Turn and creating The Element Of Forgiveness, before helping Twilight blast Astelle away.

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