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YMMV / Princess Trixie Sparkle

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  • Awesome Ego: Trixie of course, especially in her song Great and Powerful Trixie. Deconstructed somewhat, as this gets her in a lot of trouble.
  • Awesome Music: Many of the songs arguably fall under this:
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Judging from the view counts, most fans skip straight to when Astelle is introduced.
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  • She Really Can Act: A few fans felt that Magpiepony's Pinkie Pie impression came off as forced. That said, most of those same fans were blown away by her Astelle voice in episode 8, with quite a few saying they didn't know it was her until they read the credits.
  • Special Effects Failure: In a quite a few shots during Astelle's scenes, you can still see the outline of her eye, while it's covered by her mane.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: We are probably supposed to find Trixie more sympathetic, especially after she reveals how much her last run ins with Twilight and the gang pretty much ruined her carrier, but after all the crap she did during the first half of the story, many people have trouble thinking she even deserves another chance, let alone actually thinking she deserves any sympathy.
  • The Woobie:
    • Celestia becomes this, even more so than in cannon, after it is revealed that she had two sisters who have turned evil on her that she has had to banish. This also probably made having to banish Luna hurt even more painful and with the truth about their Astel being their sister and that Luna was kept out of the loop about her being out now, their relationship is once again being strain.
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    • Luna too, after it is revealed that Celestia has been keeping their third sister a secret from her.
    • Twilight herself definitely counts as this. Not only does Trixie throw her kindness back in her face by tricking her and switching bodies with her, but she locks her in a dungeon while mocking her with the fact that she'll keep her there for the rest of her life. It's not hard to feel sorry for her when she finally breaks down crying in front of her brother and sister-in-law, and very easy to root for her when she double-crosses Trixie and attacks her under the belief that she was controlling the Shadow Alicorn, all the while gloating that she plans to lock her away in the same cell she threw her in.

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