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Heart Warming / GEAR Fighter Dendoh

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  • Ginga's phone call to his mother before going to fight an apparently unwinnable battle, with him reassuring her that yes, Dendoh will win. Even more heartwarming, Ginga's mother had already guessed that he and Hokuto were Dendoh's pilots, and not only used the call to wish him good luck without revealing she knew his secret but was visibly reassured when he told her that Dendoh would win.
  • In episode 14 Dendoh exhausted its batteries, and the Heavy Machine of the Week Elecideath had made power plants useless worldwide. The entire population of Japan mobilized to recharge Dendoh, be it with batteries, small generators, vehicle engines or just pedaling on a bicycle linked to a generator, and those near Dendoh not only refused to evacuate upon Elecideath's arrival, but pedaled fasted and ran their engines faster.
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  • The Data Weapons getting Hokuto, Ginga and Eris back together after their fight in episode 16.
  • In episode 17, Ginga's sister found Leo Circle on the balcony at night... And tried to cover it with a blanket so it wouldn't be cold.
    • Also, Leo Circle staying with her to play.

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