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  • In the first episode Hokuto and Ginga have just been kidnapped by Dendoh itself to serve as its pilots, but have no idea on how to move the thing. Vega explains them via radio how to do it, and they raise the robot, start advancing menacingly to the scared Mechanical Beast Orbiton... And continues walking, as Hokuto and Ginga have no intention to fight the alien invasion. The reactions from the Bridge Bunnies, Vega and Orbiton are priceless, especially Vega's angry explanation that no, she had not explained them how to escape, and that Dendoh is a warrior mecha and they have to fight.
    • Also, the only reason they fight is that Vega gets them to raise Dendoh's hand, thus tricking them in punching Orbiton that had just started flying away.
  • Every time Vega fails at keeping her cool.
  • In an early episode Ginga and Hokuto return home late after staying at Gear for a while. Hokuto enters his house, is greeted by his mother... And then they hear Ginga's mother screaming at him for staying out until then without even calling in. Then Hokuto's mother remember she too is supposed to be enraged and Hokuto doesn't know she's Vega, and makes a feeble attempt.
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  • In episode 5 the Mechanical Beasts Scoodas, Mobilus and Camioon try a Jet Stream Attack on Dendoh. Emphasis on try.
  • This exchange from episode 6, as Ginga is in a hurry to recover his Gear Commander from a locked drawer:
    Hokuto: "Where is the key?!"
    Ginga: "In the pocket-"
    Ginga: "-of the pants I've-"
    Hammers again the drawer.
    Ginga: "-left at the dojo!"
    Again with the hammer.'
  • The start of episode 7, with Bull Horn appearing or the Galfa attacking at all the most inconvenient times and Hokuto and Ginga having to ditch something in the vain attempt of catching it.
    "What? Already done?"
    • Ginga's Imagine Spots, first of how his mother would react to him getting graded 0 at school ("She'd kill me!"), and then of the GEAR's staff if they told their parents about them being Dendoh's pilots (Hokuto and Ginga in a barrel with the commander and the bridge bunnies ready to pierce it with swords).
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    • How did Vega justify her knowledge of Hokuto's problems with being Dendoh's pilot without revealing she is his mother?
    "I know everything that happens in town."
    • How did people notice that Bull Horn was in the computers of a ship? The ship MOOED.
  • The Chips.
  • Every encounter between Ginga and Hokuto's dog Jupiter.
  • A particular incident involving the Chips from episode 8. One of them had located Leo Circle (in Ginga and Hokuto's school, that, for added irony, was having a GALFA ATTACK EMERGENCY DRILL), started radioing a tongue out at his companions while bragging he would get the credit for the capture... Cue Altair taking over the operation and ordering him to not destroy Leo Circle's hiding place.
    • In the meantime, Leo Circle's interference had caused Hokuto and Ginga to get locked in with Eris (that they didn't know yet was a new member of GEAR), and were wondering how to get out without exposing themselves. Ginga's solution? Calling Dendoh and having it break the wall, in spite of nobody being in to make it break the wall.
    Hokuto: "NO, YOU IDIOT!"
    Eris: *Facepalm*
    • At the end of the episode, Ginga showing off Leo Circle.
  • In episode 8, Hokuto explains that Eris graduated at MIT when she was 10. Ginga believed it was a brand of baseball gloves.
    • Eris wants to get a look to the data of the Data Weapons to create a program to find the others. Hokuto and Ginga misunderstand, brings her in the hangar and show her the Data Weapons. At natural size.
    • Eris completes her program, but can't capture them by herself. Cue this exchange.
    Eris: "To use a metaphor, if the Data Weapons were actual animals I could find and chase them, but I'd have no web to catch them."
    Ginga: "No web? You have internet!"
    • According to Eris, Hokuto and Ginga are packaged with their respective Gear Commanders.
    • It's Sunday, so Eris will have the whole day to study the Data Weapons. But she needs Leo Circle, and Ginga with him... So she shows up early in the morning, and invents a date to justify him going with her. Cue merciless teasing from Ginga's mother and little sister.
  • During the heavy episode 11, as the Galfas were attacking the city and Dendoh couldn't sortie due the energy constraints and the lack of a strategy, Hokuto, Ginga and Eris provide a much needed Mood Whiplash in the attempt to find how to hit all of them and Ogre with a single Final Attack.
    Ginga: "Got it! We'll tie'em up with a rope!"
    Hokuto and Eris: "You idiot!"
  • In episode 12 Hokuto meets Ginga at school (still closed after the last Galfa attack), and Ginga tells him that his wound isn't fully healed yet but he was bored of video games and left for training. Hokuto has only one question:
    Hokuto: "Did you complete your homeworks?"
    Ginga: "Augh!"
    • Episode 12 is a Breather Episode mostly made of footage from previous episodes... With Hokuto, Ginga and Eris providing rather amusing commentary.
  • Episode 13 shows us Ginga's father, a Bunny-Ears Lawyer and Intrepid Reporter... Who has the habit of bringing something back from what foreign country he's sent into. In this episode he just returned from France, so he limits himself to talking half in Japanese and half in Gratuitous French (his wife called him out on this) and trying to imitate a French gentleman, but when he returned from Egypt he was dressed in local outfits and riding a camel.
    • The reactions from Hokuto, Ginga, Eris and Mrs. Kusanagi when Ginga's father announces he's going to find out everything about Dendoh... And has already deduced the general location of its base.
    • What is the data given to the Chips to try and identify Dendoh's pilots? Height (around 1.41 m), primary constitutive elements (water and proteins), and optical devices (two lenses. Also known as eyes). When they appear doing the job they're already complaining of finding 143 children with these same characteristics, and musing that GEAR planted so many people with these characteristics to cover them. As they complain, Hokuto and Ginga are running right behind them, and they miss only them among the students of their school with those characteristics.
      • They later stalk Ginga's father, who is with Hokuto and Ginga. They still don't realize who they are.
      • At the end of the episode they decide to get the data from Ginga's father (who did discover the identities of Dendoh's pilots). They review his identificative data... And start screaming when they realize that there's a lot of people with those same characteristics. For added irony, their target is right above them, on a plane for China.
    • At the end of the episode, Eris has a crush on Ginga's father.
  • In episode 14 there was a need of batteries, vehicle engines, and even people pedaling on bicycles linked to generators to recharge Dendoh's batteries (all power plants had been made useless by the Heavy Machine Elecideath). Some kids accidentally roped the Chips on pedaling, with them not realizing what they were doing until after Dendoh had defeated Elecideath.
  • The Mass "Oh, Crap!" when Ginga's schoolteacher confiscated his GEAR Commander in episode 15. And Hokuto's attempt at hiding his own when the teacher started confiscating school-unrelated objects.
    • Ginga and Hokuto's faces when Drill Unicorn showed up as they tried (and failed) to convince the teacher to give them back the Commanders.
    • Due their attempt at stealing them back, the teacher decided to keep the GEAR Commanders for four more days instead than giving them back at the end of the day with the rest of the things. Eris' suggestion? Shaving and beg for forgiveness. Hokuto's freak out and Ginga shooting it down (as it wouldn't work) sell it.
    • Hokuto, Ginga and Eris decide to break in during the night to take them back. Cue Eris breaking out an horror story on a bloodied woman living in a mirror... And Ginga mistaking his own reflected image for the bloodied woman.
      • Then they see a light and run away in terror, believing it's a ghost. It was Drill Unicorn.
      • Then they catch a thief trying to open the school's safe. They decide to try and scare him away, but fail. Cue Drill Unicorn showing up as he claims they wouldn't scare him so easily and terrorizing him into running into Ginga, who knocks him out with a few kicks.
  • In episode 16 Hokuto, Ginga and Eris accidentally ruin the cakes they had prepared for their respective families. Cue them doing absolutely everything they can to piss off each other.
    • Also, they refuse to talk to each other. But still need to communicate, so they write. And even borrow Eris' cell phone to write messages and show them without wasting paper. Then the Data Weapons get fed up and trick them into stopping acting like idiots...
    • When Lagowe decides to have a scrap with Dendoh, Rasenjo sends the Heavy Machine Skasha to try and bring it back, and to act as a bodyguard... And poor Skasha has to beg Lagowe to slow down to be able to follow him.
    • Dendoh's accepts Lagowe's challenge.
    Skasha: "Dendoh! Don't you dare and bully Lagowe!"
  • In episode 17, Ginga's mother and sister find Leo Circle on the balcony. His mother's reaction? Wondering if Ginga feed him enough.
    • When discussing the future attack against Rasenjo and discovering that the operations would continue for a few days, Ginga decides he'll need to bring some underwear, a few snacks and some money. Then realizes that the spaceship being built by GEAR will have its own food.
    • When Lagowe returns for a second round, the Heavy Machine Defender arrives to protect him, his battlecry being "Dendoh! Stop bullying Lagowe".
  • From episode 20, GEAR's chief scientist Inoue's depression due Phoenix Aile destroying GEAR's combat spaceships to regenerate Unicorn Drill and Leo Circle in the previous episode.
    • Ginga is a fan of the idol trio C-Drive. Upon hearing of their site, he decides to visit it... And asks Hokuto where he can buy a ticket.
      • Hokuto had to help Ginga with activating his computer and connecting it to internet. The dialogue makes viewers understand why the Bastard Operator from Hell exists.
    • The Chips searching for Dendoh on the local equivalent of Google. Without knowing that Dendoh is an actual Japanese family name.
    • Leo Circle the Mail Pet.
    • Gear's commander subdued reaction at this announcement:
    Meteo: "Heavy Mechanical Beast incoming. Landing point: here."
    Commander Shibuya: "What?"
  • In episode 31 the epic battle between Ginga with Dendoh and a Brainwashed and Crazy Hokuto with Ogre degenerates to a schoolyard fight between the two children. As in they left the cockpits, and started to force each other to make embarrassing faces.

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