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Headscratchers / Yozakura Quartet

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  • Kotoha's kotodama lets her create objects. She says it's limited by the complexity of the object, so she can make gigantic walls easily but has difficulty making a band-aid. But at one point, she makes a tree. It was just a seedling, but like all life, it was made of self-replicating nanobots. I could understand if her power involved both size and complexity, but that tree was still bigger than the band-aid. And even being able to make one self-replicating nanobot would be insanely overpowered. Also, she summons nails with it so I assume it's permanent. Is there any reason she doesn't summon gold? Or lutetium?

    • She isn't creating things; she's duplicating them. She can only summon something if she's "indexed" it first, which means she has touched a preexisting one with her tongue. So she can't create lutetium or gold because she has never had a chance to index either of them. How and where she managed to index a railroad gun and a B1 bomber is left as an exercise to the reader. (Maybe she can index from a photo?)

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    • Also, when she indexed a tray, the tray vanished. But when she indexed Ao's swimsuit, it didn't. (Sob.) And then the swimsuit she created for Hime looked different than the one Ao was wearing. So the whole thing is more than a bit inconsistent.

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