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Heartwarming / Yozakura Quartet

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  • The manga is chock-full of them, such as the reaction of Rin's human employers/foster parents upon learning that someone who harmed Rin might be in town. It's sweet when the huge, burly, bearlike man puts an arm protectively around Rin, saying that the town's humans will protect the youkai. It's downright awesome when the kind older lady drives a cleaver entirely through a chopping block and embeds it into the counter below while calmly smiling and saying she'd like a long talk with the abuser.
    • Even better is when they get their "talk" with Zakuro, from whom they were promising to protect Rin. Zakuro has been exorcised and turned out not to have been one of Rin's abusers anyway, and Rin's foster parents immediately treat Zakuro like another daughter.
  • Hime and Akina swear to Yuuhi that they're willing to stop and then welcome in every single youkai hunter who comes their way. Then they start making good on their promise.

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