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Headscratchers / Turbo Kid

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  • Apple gets "killed" a whole lot during the film, but she's always salvageable. Just sticking her head on an old robot body is enough to fix her. In the end, the Kid has more freedom than he's ever had to find a way to repair her, but he doesn't even try. Is there something I missed that established that Apple is irreparable this time, or did he just give up on always having to fix her?
    • Isn't it that the Kid is respecting her because she sacrificed herself?
      • It's never established that not repairing her is showing her respect.
    • This is touched upon in the film's commentary track. The original plan was to show Apple's head completely destroyed and beyond any repair, but the directors ultimately decided against it to leave the possibility of her return in a sequel.
    • Possibly in-story her memory can only last so long without a power source. So once her battery had run down, as would be the case for a disused body lying in the wasteland until the far-off year of 1997, it would be irrecoverable.

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