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  • The gore in the movie is wildly over-the-top as a parody of old low-budget 80’s movies, resulting in many Bloody Hilarious moments and Ludicrous Gibs. Can also count as Nausea Fuel.
  • Bagu’s introductory Non Sequitur: “A vicious whore bit me. Right smack in the middle of my nut sack.”
  • When Frederick and his team prepare their attack on Zeus, Frederick says the first part of his plan is to take a piss. As he does his business, one of his teammates parks beside him and urinates next to him, causing Frederick to awkwardly nudge him away.
    • Seconds later, the same guy is shot through the chest by Skeletron. He then falls to the ground dead, still pissing as he falls back.
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  • Pretty much anything Apple does due to her Cloud Cuckoolander personality, crazy eyes, and practical Slasher Smile that's almost always plastered on her face. Even her introduction is already pretty funny.
    Apple: My name is Apple!
    Kid: [beat] Of course it is...
  • "THIS IS MY GNOME STICK!" Also a reference to another 90’s movie involving a rather unhinged guy with a stick-themed nickname for a weapon.
  • When Zeus tells Frederick how he uses "blades and fire" as a way of dealing with things, one of his henchmen ignites a fire as a visual representation... only for it to malfunction and fizzle out almost immediately. Cue nervous button mashing as he tries to start it up again.
    Zeus: [choking his mook] When I say "blades and fire", I want BLADES...AND FIRE!
    • Right in the middle of Zeus choking said henchman as punishment, Frederick asks if he could light his cigarette with the tiny flame left behind, to which Zeus casually replies while still choking the henchman, "No, go ahead."
  • The Kid’s girly scream when he spots a snake while trying to find Apple a bike helmet.
  • Apple’s method of attack. "EYES, THROAT, GENITALS!" ...which she tries out on the Kid.
    • Then the Kid tries it out on one of Zeus’s mooks with hilariously violent results.
  • In a case of Black Comedy, when Zeus interrogates Bagu to find the Kid and Apple's location, he is able to get the answers almost immediately. Cue a surprised shrug from Skeletron practically saying "That was easy" and Zeus proceeding to kill him anyway.
    Zeus: Do you have any idea how much time it took to set this up? I'm sure you'll understand.
    [Skeletron rips out Bagu's guts by peddling on the bike his insides are tied to]
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  • This line from Frederick:
    "We're gonna shove that thing so far up his ass, he’s gonna taste his own shit."
  • This is not made up: during the second-to-last fight, the Kid dodges an attack from one of Zeus's mooks, causing the mook to stab another in the gut with a shovel. Then another goon trips the Kid down on top of the shovel, literally slicing the goon in half from the waist and sending his top half flying onto another mook’s head, blocking his view. The Kid throws the goon’s bottom half out of disgust at another guy, which then gets stuck on top of that guy’s head and blocks his view. And don't forget Frederick casually ripping off a guy’s jaw and shoving it into his eyes. That last part might also count as Nightmare Fuel.
  • Zeus's henchwoman, undoubtedly his toughest fighter who easily beats the Kid down, gets gored alive by Apple in a Big Damn Heroes moment with the horn of a plastic unicorn.
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  • The Kid kills Skeletron by goring him alive with an umbrella. And once he opens up the umbrella, blood and Ludicrous Gibs literally rain from the sky.


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