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Headscratchers / Tremors 5: Bloodlines

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     Knowledge of the Graboids 
  • So previously it was established that Graboids were a completely unknown species to the world. Based in Perfection Nevada the original suggested the remoteness of the area, coupled with natural geological terrain, hampered the species from spreading and being discovered. In the prequel they say the eggs stay dormant until they come into contact with water and all reference to the "dirt dragons" was covered up to secure new workers for the mine. Number two is iffy but as it appears to be the middle of nowhere less head-scratching. Come number five and we have Graboids in a very open area, a very populous area where the people not only know about the creatures but have their own tribal dance devoted to them and the area has thunderstorms every day at 1500. Just seems very unlikely these things hadn't been discovered before let alone there was only one nest of them.
    • There's probably some pretentious explanation about how none of the snobby stupid "civilized" folk believed the very knowledgeable and very wise tribal people (who apparently have a word for "bio-sensor" in their language).

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