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Headscratchers / The Thirteenth Floor

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  • If Hannon Fuller was based on and designed by Jane's father in the "Real" world, does that mean he, too, enjoys entering virtual worlds to have sex with young women, like Fuller did?
    • Rather not. Douglas usually doesn't smoke, while John does. "Units" develop own habits.
      • Mind you, since this world seems to be full of people who use the programs for the same reasons we use video games—yes, he probably could and wouldn't think of it anymore than someone else who has cybersex.
  • A VR headset that can overwrite your mind? How was anyone ever allowed to sell that? Somewhat justified for a prototype, but not the mass market headsets we see at the end.
    • Perhaps justified by the fact that the two main characters create simulations and probably modded the hardware or disabled certain safety features.
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    • In addition to what is pointed out above, there's a chance that Jane and David's simulation may have also been modded. Keep in mind, Jane tells Douglas that there had never been a simulation within a simulation before. Something like that wouldn't have been possible had the simulation's designers had subroutines installed to insure that something like that wouldn't happen. It's possible that Jane and David were playing around with the coding that also allowed for the hardware and software to allow for such an unintentional side effect to be possible. Seeing that the hardware and software of Fuller, Douglas and Whitney's were experimental, it allowed for Ashton to transfer into Whitney (meaning on a software level, it allowed for the transfer to occur and hinting that it was unintentionally possible in the simulation and that it could also be possible for a simulation to real transfer). So, seeing that Jane and David's simulation appears to allow for Douglas to transfer into David's body, it might have been from the combination of the software and hardware being modified that allowed for such a transfer to be possible.

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