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Headscratchers / The Hound of the D'Urbervilles

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  • Moriarty's academic career is puzzling. Granted, there's a lot Moran doesn't know or explain, but some things just don't add up. Why does Stent need to publicly refute Dynamics? It's all but stated to be because of their longstanding rivalry, but Stent doesn't need to ruin Moriarty's career. Moriarty's gone from being a mathematical prodigy and internationally-known professor to being an army coach living above a brothel. He's pretty universally neglected by his colleagues (except for Ogilvy) without Stent's help. Does anyone have any theories explaining this?
    • It's mentioned in the Holmes stories, that Dynamics is still held in high esteem, although Moriarty's career has waned. Refuting Dynamics was his petty attempt to destroy Moriarty's legacy.
  • On that note, how does a respected astronomy professor stay respected living over a brothel with one of the Empire's least reputable soldiers as a roommate?
    • By also being one of the Empire's most feared criminal bosses.
    • In the world of D'Urbervilles, at least, it seems to be the case that Moriarty isn't particularly respected any more, and what little academic credit he still has is on the back of his meisterwerk "Dynamics".

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