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The person sobbing
At the end of his birthday celebrations, after Moriarty storms off to tend to his wasps because Moran didn't appreciate his birthday gift, Moran can hear "someone sobbing in a distant room". Could it be Moriarty?

Bill Sikes from Oliver Twist is Moriarty's Lestrade
The entire story runs off of Evil Counterpart. Since Holmes is a private investigator who is often consulted by police, it stands that Moriarty must have a contact in the general organized crime of London. Backed up by Sikes being one of the London crime lords in Newman's Anno Dracula.

Siegerson Holmes from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother exists in this universe
With Moriarty confirmed to have two brothers, the Holmeses and the Moriartys aren't symmetrical. And we can't have that.
  • Maybe. Some Wold Newton researchers came to the conclusion that there is a Holmes child younger than Sherlock but it's a girl called Sigrina. Maybe Siegerson and Sigrina are just both personae of a single crossdressing Holmes?
Alternatively, there's an
elder Holmes, Sherrinford, who manages the country estates and has no deductive skill worth writing about.

Moriarty and the other crime lords of the Victorian period are meant to have parallels in modern day James Bond villains
Moriarty as Blofeld, Moran as Scaramanga (or just henchmen in general), Adler as Pussy Galore, Jack Quartz as Goldfinger (or Spangled Mob if we want to go by novels), Mabuse as Hugo Drax,and Fu Manchu as Dr. No.
  • Could throw in Hoxton Creeper as Jaws (or a generic henchman character).
  • If you want to get really elaborate you could tie each into modern day comic book villains.

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