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Headscratchers / The Eccentric Family

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  • I know that apparently tengu are the ones who rule the sky, but did it ever occur to any of the tanukis that they could probably fly too if they transformed into tengu, or into a bird with flight? This particularly bugged me when Yasaburo was surrounded by Ebisugawa's goons. He could have become a bird and flown off.
    • Tanuki transformations seem most functional as disguises, with changes in physical capability being primarily limited to altered size and strength; Akadama-sensei observes that tanuki don't know the first thing about flying on one of the annual bonfire viewing festivals.
  • Why doesn't anybody think to simply get rid of the Friday Fellows? Aside from Benten, they seem to be ordinary human beings, and Yasaburo could even have easily killed Benten when he delivered his master's letter. It doesn't seem Benten saw it coming, in any case.
    • The vast majority of tanuki don't seem to have the kind of malicious intent needed for premeditated murder; Soun's willingness to go to such ends are repeatedly conflated with his being prepared to stop being a tanuki. Meanwhile, Jyuroujin is very strongly implied be a straight-up sorcerer of some stripe.

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