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Headscratchers / Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

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  • If Superman is willing to disarm the world's nukes, why would he have a problem wrecking all conventional weapons to prevent a non-nuclear war?
    • For one, it would be a lot harder to do, since there are a lot more of them and they are much easier to make. Plus, a nuclear weapon is far, far more destructive than any conventional one.
  • How is catching missiles mid-flight and throwing them into the sun going to get rid of all the world's weapons? Are they launching them just for Superman to catch?
    • That seems to be the idea, yes. Remember, both the US and the USSR seem pretty happy with Superman's plan, bar a few rogue generals.
  • If the Daily Planet really was a loss-making concern such that Warfield saw fit to turn it from a 'quality' newspaper to a down-market tabloid, how is it in the banks' interest to invest in order to return it to the way it was before? Good PR?

  • Clark and the landowner come across a crib with a hole through it, which according to the landowner was baby Clark's. Is it just me, but when the Kents found Clark in the first film he didn't look like the age kids sleep in cribs.
    • Note that it is the landowner saying that it's Clark's childhood crib, not Clark himself. It is possible, if not likely, that Ma and Pa Kent, in order to keep up the ruse that Clark was their child, bought or made up some baby furniture in order to keep up the pretence that Clark was their natural-born child, and that the landowner merely assumed it was Clark's.

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