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Headscratchers / RoboCop: Prime Directives

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  • In a few scenes RoboCop appears to be breathing. But he doesn't breath, both models each spent a considerable amount of time underwater and neither drowned. It's distracting when it happens, because the actor is mostly pretty good at remembering to act robotic. Are we supposed to assume he's simulating or actually breathing, or is it just an oversight by the actor and/or director?
  • In "Crash and Burn" James points out that if RoboCop had used the door instead of driving a car through the building, the security guards wouldn't have shown up, and suggests a quieter approach, which Robo responds to with a flat "no". But he also tells Anne to spare the guards if possible, then compliments her after she kills two. If his goal was to minimize casualties, why does he announce his presence by driving through a wall and setting off the security system? They probably could have saved the day a lot quicker and with less loss of named characters if they had snuck in and not given S.A.I.N.T. cause to I.D. them as intruders and shut down the elevators. Instead a lot of their time (though not nearly as much as it would realistically take them, given the constant interruptions and Robo's 2mph walking speed) is taken up with the poor idiot slowly whirring his way up a few dozen flights of stairs.
    • For that matter, how does Ed get up to the top floor from the bottom subbasement so quickly? Even if he were an olympic sprinter it would have taken him a few minutes and he'd be winded, but he's a desk-bound scientist with a bad leg, and he shows up almost immediately not even a little out of breath.
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  • How is Robo able to walk away to deliver justice in the final scene of "Crash and Burn" after getting so banged up by RoboCable that he couldn't walk straight? I don't care what Cable spiked him with, it's not going to fix structural damage. Did the writers just forget he was staggering and slurring a few scenes prior?
  • So the guy playing RoboCop is comically short compared to the other actors... Why didn't they just build some sort of heel or lift into his costume? Problem solved.

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