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Headscratchers / Poppy Playtime

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As a Headscratchers subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • If the theory (which is heavily implied in the game) that the Playtime Co. toys are made from humans, wouldn't someone have found that out? Children damage and break toys all the time, so it's hard to believe that absolutely no child discovered the blood and guts inside their toys and told their parents, after which it would be all over the news. It's shown in the Poppy maintenance video that her organic voice box thing can be accessed by cutting her back open, so it's not like it's hidden or anything.
    • Tonka Tough?
    • If Huggy Wuggy is any indication, Playtime's toys are extremely resilient and durable, making it unlikely that they would break in the course of normal play. In addition, the unnumbered step would have been omitted from the finished product video, meaning that what we saw was for in-house maintenance by factory workers. Finally, aside from the toys seemingly being able to bleed, we don't honestly know what they have inside them, nor how they were presumably endowed with human-level intelligence.
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    • It's also possible that the "human" toys running around the factory are different from the toys that were made to be sent to stores and taken home by families. If they were doing experiments, it would make sense to keep all the test subjects in one place to observe them. And maybe they used the money from selling regular toys to fund their projects, and used the factory tour as a way to test the human-toys interactions with people.
    • Apparently the answer is Orphans. How they're finding so many we don't know.
      • Maybe they're making them themselves.
    • Playtime Co had an adoption initiative, according to Chapter 2, but that has more questions as to how no one picked up on orphans going missing, unless, you take it that they were adopted from out of state or out of the country (for that matter).

  • Why is the company turning people into toys anyway?
    • To bring back the dead. The founder lost a dearly beloved member of his family, and has been experimenting with reviving rats? It's not hard to put two and two together on this one... provided there isn't so much more to the story we have yet to be told.
      • Some of that does kinda make sense to a degree in a way: Families with lost children could love for an opportunity to play with them again.

  • Why do the cardboard cutouts behave the way they do? Their responses imply they’re alive but why were they made that way?
    • Pre-programmed soundboxes?

  • Why exactly was the Prototype given an alarm clock? It's unlikely that it could have served any practical purpose, because what would he need an alarm clock for? And considering what he's capable of, surely the scientists would've given him as few resources to work with as possible?
    • Since we don't even know WTF the Prototype (Exp.-1006) is of, just that he's a prototype, him having an alarm clock might not have been intentional, as it was just an item in his room, though they learned (prolly the hard way) that he was intelligent because he turned it alarm clock into a laser pointer.

  • Why does the Protagonist even need to activate the train to escape the factory? In-universe, what is preventing them from simply just walking on the tracks and navigate the tunnels for the exit? On that same note, if Poppy's attempt at forcing the Protagonist into entering the Playcare facility went to plan, how did she likely plan on preventing them from just traversing the tunnels on foot?
    • Prolly for the sake of quickness.