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Nightmare Fuel / Poppy Playtime

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"I just hope that you're certain whatever you're doing is worth it."

You venture into the abandoned toy factory of Playtime Co., which had a mass disappearance of its employees ten years ago... What Could Possibly Go Wrong? A whole lot, especially since it isn't as abandoned as you may think...

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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The Game:

    Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze 
  • The first scene of the game, where you watch an old infomercial for Playtime Co. advertising the titular Poppy doll. You get to see up close how creepy she is, with her odd proportions, porcelain features, and Creepy Monotone voice.
    • The female presenter in the Poppy-ad always ends her descriptions of Poppy's functions by stating that Poppy is "just like a real girl." When the presenter asks Poppy if she has anything more to say before the advertisement ends, Poppy replies, in a very insistent tone:
      Poppy: I'm a real girl. Just like you.
  • The instruction video for the GrabPack is quick to inform the user to not fire the hands at co-workers because the device has the strength to rip someone's head clean off their shoulders. It's never explained how the company knows this.
    • For a bit of Nightmare Retardant: Consider that the company only knows this based on a few calculations regarding the strength of the GrabPack. It takes an estimated 5,000-15,000 Newtons of force to decapitate a human being. If the GrabPack is capable of exerting more than 15,000 Newtons of force, it can rip a person's head off. (Or, you know - they could have tested on some crash test dummies.)
  • Huggy Wuggy, Playtime's most successful toy, is a recurring threat throughout the chapter. His appearance alone is unnerving, even before he gets his Game Face. He is absolutely huge, with creepily long arms (designed to be able to "hug you forever"), and lifeless eyes, always staring straight ahead.
    • Huggy's Image Song, which you can listen to when pressing the button on the plaque for his statue, sounds harmless at first. But the lyrics start to take on a much more sinister meaning later down the line.
      "His name is Huggy,
      Huggy Wuggy!
      When he hugs you he'll never stop!note 
      Your friend Huggy,
      Huggy Wuggy!
      He'll squeeze you until you pop!"

  • Huggy's first appearance, where he seems to be a statue in the circular room in the facility until you've returned from the power room, where you quickly realize he's disappeared. When you move on towards the Make-A-Friend room, you'll see his arm slink into an ajar door.
  • The door leads to a long, dark hallway with the only light being the door at the end. While Huggy isn't there, a pipe breaks as you pass, giving an equally frightening Jumpscare.
  • After you find the four power cores in the boxing factory, you can spot him peeking in on you through an air vent, already showing his Game Face. From this point forward you know he is out there, and he knows where you are.
  • When you activate the Make-A-Friend machine, its main set of eyes will open and focus on you, trailing your movement wherever you go. And when the machine finally makes your friend toy, Cat Bee, it's supposed to be endearing but it has a vacant expression that practically screams "I'm dead inside".
  • A minor one, from the same area: Markiplier discovered the hard way that there is indeed fall damage in this game when he jumped off the highest platform after turning on the Make-A-Friend machine. That's not the nightmare fuel. The nightmare fuel is the extremely realistic, clicking snap that accompanies the fall damage, indicating that the protagonist just broke his legs.
  • You finally get the door deeper into the facility open with your friend toy... only to discover both potential passageways to go through are locked. Then Huggy comes shambling out of the darkness of the hallway straight ahead, sporting Nested Mouths with More Teeth than the Osmond Family bent into a Slasher Smile. To escape you flee into the vents through the conveyor belt, only to be pursued, Huggy's body contorting to fit into spaces far too small for him, the same smile never leaving his mouth as he chases you down.
    • More disturbing than his face is the way that Huggy Wuggy moves throughout the chase. He isn't some stiff, awkward automaton, but instead, his motions are disturbingly smooth and organic, with it using its arms to pull itself along as it speeds through the vents after you, moving much faster than you'd think something that big could go, especially in such tight spaces. It all gives the player the impression that, rather than being chased by a mindless automaton, you're being pursued by a living thing that's coming for you with all the speed it can muster. He is not toying with you, he is not "savouring his meal", he wants you DEAD. And he will stop at nothing to achieve that.
    • To make the entire scenario more unnerving is all of the messages scrawled along the walls as you flee. All of them are scribbles with warnings not to move forward, to turn back, etc. However, there's no way back that doesn't involve Huggy Wuggy killing you. Then, when you finally escape and reach the "Flower", there are multiple warnings with arrows pointing away from the door... and possibly over the edge of the catwalk. The warnings may have been trying to tell you that death would be preferable to whatever awaits beyond that door...
    • Even the way you dispatch of him near the end of the chapter is nightmarish, if only because he slams his head on a large steel pipe and ragdolls off of it in a manner disturbingly similar to the way a human being might. And then you notice the blood splatter left behind on that pipe after he's fallen out of sight...
  • Listening to the grey tape reveals an Apocalyptic Log by a scientist who locked himself away when... something, implied to be Huggy (or perhaps another toy), broke free of containment when they attempted to dispose of it. Just as disturbing, the scientist brings up how he is unafraid of death, as "one more breakthrough" will bring him back. As the audio cuts out, it makes you wonder what exactly the scientists in Playtime were trying to do with these experiments.
  • The Cliffhanger ending, where you release Poppy from a glass case, and the light flickers and dies just as she opens her eyes. Then, moments after the screen flickers to black, Poppy replies to your actions in a voice that sounds much more different from the advertisment:
    Poppy: (deeper, older voice) You opened my case.

    Chapter 2: Fly in a Web 
  • The start-up screen depicts Mommy Long Legs's hands tangled all across the Innovation room and with her hand front and center, sometimes twitching.
    • It's the aftermath of Mommy's hand getting caught in the crusher.
  • Whatever the hell happened in Poppy's room, with some furniture in disarray and the entrance you came from barricaded, complete with a wardrobe pushed out of the way of a hidden door. It's implied that this is Poppy's doing, attempting to prevent you from going back, but it's ultimately never discussed.
  • The training video after getting the green electric transferring hand has an animated situation showing someone getting crushed as a door loses its charge and closes.
  • Everything about Mommy Long Legs is nightmare fuel incarnate. Huggy Wuggy, though terrifying in his own right, at least didn't talk and felt like a wild animal stalking you like prey. Mommy, by contrast, is not only intelligent, but has the mindset of a sadistic killer, making her all the more dangerous, and she'll let you know it.
    • The fact that she somehow manages to have a Slasher Smile despite not having teeth. Nothing about that terrifying grin is "motherly"...
    • Mommy's Establishing Character Moment. After you meet up with Poppy, one of Mommy's hands reaches from the hole and grabs Poppy. She later meets you face-to-face and challenges you to a series of minigames in exchange for pieces of the train code... and makes a rather explicit threat as to the consequences of not doing as she says. The uncharacteristically cold tone in her voice does not help.
      Mommy: Obey the rules, or I'll tear you apart and eat your insides while you're still alive. (Evil Laugh)
      • Oh and during this entire exchange, she's holding Poppy, who is gagged, alternating between talking to you directly and wiggling Poppy around while putting on a voice like a parent pretending to talk to a child with a stuffed animal. While the rest may be more threatening, this behaviour is more unsettling on account of the mix of parental behaviour with showing how little care she actually has for other toys and effectively reminding the player she has a hostage.
    • As you progress through the chapter and survive her minigames, Mommy gets increasingly agitated at your continued survival, but hides it with her motherly demeanour. But when you're essentially forced to "cheat" by making a detour to escape the "Statues" minigame, all pretense of fair play goes out the window as Mommy gets downright furious, going full One-Winged Angel with Creepy Long Fingers, disheveled hair, and Black Eyes of Crazy like Huggy. The final leg of the chapter becomes a deadly game of Hide and Seek as you run from Mommy. The horrific howls she makes as she hunts you down does not help, nor does the fact that she can emerge and attack from virtually anywhere thanks to her elastic abilities, which really ups the Paranoia Fuel. Also, it's implied that all the spider webs you see in this chapter are her webs since several doors become suddenly blocked with the stuff.
      Mommy: I ASKED YOU TO PLAY FAIR AND YOU CHEATED! I HATE CHEATERS! Now, we're gonna play one... last... GAME! It's called...Hide...and...SEEK!
      Mommy: Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two... ONE!!!
    • Her jumpscare reveals that her eyes are so big that their edges can be seen at the top of her mouth.
    • And then there's her death sequence: She gets caught in a crusher because she's so focused on hunting you down and is basically crushed to death, all the while begging not to become a part of "him". Oh, and there's blood on the crusher too. When she finally dies, her face defaults to her blank, smiling expression. And to top it all off, a creepy metal hand slowly reaches out from under the door and drags away her remains, meaning that there's something far more dangerous in the factory than Mommy.
      • What exactly does the hand belong to, and why is it essentially collecting corpses? The answer can't be anything good. Could it also be possible that it also collected Huggy?
    • If you look closer, you'll see that the hand has human bones attached to it.
    • The scream she lets out when she gets caught in the machine. It's both somewhat human and completely inhuman at the same time.
    • Regarding her death, consider this...she goes limp the moment her lower body/abdomen gets crushed by the grinder. She's also supposed to be a spider. Which important organs are located in the spider's abdomen? Heart and respiratory system. She died from having her heart and lungs crushed into a pulp.
    • Players have pointed out that Mommy Long Legs could have possibly saved herself if she had sacrificed one arm or tried to use the other to turn off the switch to the crusher. Her reactions to getting her hand caught in the crusher indicate panic, however - first, she tries to brace herself and push back with her other hand, then she does the same with her foot, which ultimately dooms her when her foot gets caught in the machine instead and drags her in. It's a very human panic response from an otherwise previously intimidating character.
      • While seeing Mommy get her just desserts might be satisfying (or not depending on what part of the initial death scene freaks you out), when she utters the line below, you might feel your blood run cold.
    Mommy: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! HE'LL MAKE ME PART OF HIM!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!! AAaaAaaHHh- *silenced after her torso is disconnected from her body*
  • Not too long after Mommy Long Legs' death, a grey VHS tape can be found. Like the grey tape from Chapter 1, this one is on "The Prototype", revealing that whatever it is, it's not Huggy Wuggy (Huggy is referred to as "Experiment 1170", whereas the Prototype is "Experiment 1006"), and is smart enough to figure out how to disable alarms and security cameras and hide from surveillance. While the tape is playing, a metal hand appears on the screen, and that hand looks eerily like the one that collected Mommy's corpse, implying that we just got a glimpse of The Prototype, and it's been following us up until now...
  • A very small one. In the reject toy room, you can mess with the audio cardboard cut out of Bron the Dinosaur which will tell goofy jokes. Initially it starts simple enough with Bron telling some really bad jokes followed up with a goofy laugh. On the final joke, Bron asks "What do you call the scariest dinosaur?" When you push the button for the answer, he only says one word, "Me.". It’s not even followed up with a goofy laugh like previous jokes. Suddenly you start to second guess those harmless looking Bron statues.
    • In fact, most of the cardboard cutouts have terrifying lines, from the Candy Cat cutout begging you to stop feeding her to the Cat-Bee cutout warning you to get out of the factory (before saying that she’s "joking", supposedly).
    • The Boogie Bot cutout has some very cute lines such as "am I a real boy?" and "I love you.". Interact with it enough times and it’ll respond with "the button hurts me.".
  • Said Bron statues within the reject toy room lack the eyes of the normal toys, revealing empty sockets. That alone isn't the creepy part, as halfway through your progress of removing one of them from a platform, the largest "statue" will turn its head to face you if you're not looking at it. There's also no fanfare when this happens, so people tend to not even notice.
  • Most of the nightmare fuel comes from the minigames Mommy forces you to play to progress, because just to re-iterate: they had kids playing these when the factory was open.
    • The Musical Memory test room is a frantic stress test since it's a memory puzzle where you must memorize and repeat a series of patterns that get longer and more complex as the round progresses. All the while, Bunzo Bunny slowly descends towards you, descending faster if you get it wrong. And you have to endure five rounds of this, by the way, with the fifth round becoming a deliberately unwinnable sequence to remember that can only be escaped via a literal panic button.
      • Bunzo also shows a few sadistic tendencies throughout his game. When he's first lowered to you, he bangs his cymbals when Mommy tells you that he's excited to eat you, almost as if he agrees. Then, if he reaches the end of the tube above you, he'll actually pause for a few seconds and bang his cymbals in excitement, likely taunting you about how helpless you are to stopping him.
    • The Wack-a-Wuggy test room has you use your Grab-Pack to fend off a seemingly endless wave of miniature Huggy Wuggies trying to get out through the holes. Thing is, the room you're in is rather dimly lit, meaning you have to actually listen for the sound of the Wuggies crawling through the holes and snarling at you and hope your reflexes are fast enough to stop them before they get to you. Doesn't help that as the game progresses, the Huggies get faster and more and more of them start to appear.
      • Right before you play the game, Mommy reveals that the little Huggies had strings attached to them so they wouldn't get too close to children playing the game...then she tells to have fun with this revelation as she implies the strings have now been cut.
      • The way the Mini-Wuggys kill you. If one gets too close they start to growl like an animal which is already unsettling enough but then comes the jump scare where they latch onto you and the screen goes black. Only instead of eating the player like the previous Huggy Wuggy would, they snap your neck!
      • The Mini-Wuggies, unlike the Huggy Wuggy mascot beforehand, don't possess sharp teeth, instead having loose gums where they should be. It's quite likely that Playtime Co. defanged them so they wouldn't just bite children who came near. However, this also begs the question of what the hell kind of process caused them to gain teeth like Huggy Wuggy in the first place.
    • Statues is essentially a twisted game of Red Light, Green Light. You must navigate through a darkened obstacle course while PJ Pug-A-Pillar slowly closes in on you. The catch? You can only move while the room is dark and must stop moving when the room is lit, giving Pug-A-Pillar time to catch up with you. Also, as the game progresses, the amount of time the room stays dark gets increasingly shorter until it only stays dark for a few seconds. Even worse, the test is actually unwinnable too as debris blocks the exit. Your only chance of escape is to grapple into the observation room.
      • When the lights are on, you get a good look on PJ blocking off any possible escape routes with his extremely long body. We also never see PJ's entire body length, which is apparently enough to span the entire room, if not more. Keep that in mind when you realize that (going by his toy box description) he grows by taking various body parts...
      • You also wouldn't expect such a slow thing to catch you easily, right? Try moving in the light, however, and you'll find out just how much he is holding back.
      • In PJ's jumpscare, he manages to distort his mouth so wide that it bends his Slasher Smile into an angry scowl, as well as causing his eyes to sink back into his sockets.
  • After you finish the first two minigames, you can look up in the main room and see Bunzo and the Mini-Wuggys among the webbed toys. They weren't there before you finished the minigame, and if you go to rooms where the minigames took place, Bunzo and the Mini-Wuggys aren't there anymore. What's worse, you can find audio files in the game that are titled mommy_kills_bunzo and mommy_kills_mini_huggies giving you a good idea of what happened to them once you escape their games.
    • Worse, if you come back to the Game Station after each preceding game, the corpses are nowhere to be found. Then you realize just what happens to Mommy Long Legs some time later...
  • Kissy Missy's brief scene. She walks out of nowhere and sees the player is separated from her by a gate. Kissy Missy then proceeds to look very carefully from the player, to a red lever that will open said gate, then back at the player in a way that makes it seem as though you're about to have a repeat of the Huggy Wuggy chases from Chapter 1. She turns out to be benevolent, simply opening the gate and walking away without hurting you, but it's unnerving in the moment. Plus it's not clear why she did this or if she'll be so nice if she returns.
  • Poppy casually deciding to re-direct the train when you've finally got a way out, after spending the opening of this chapter at least trying to play nice with you (at least until Mommy takes her away and puts her in the control room). What else can Poppy do remotely?
    • The first sign of trouble is just how coldly she asks about Mommy's death.
  • There is a note written by a man named Eddie M. N. Ritterman addressed to a construction company called Warrenbach that you can pick up. The note mentions the construction of a secret laboratory and the deadline for its completion is 12 months. Plus, only select people at the Warrenbach Construction Company and Playtime Co. were allowed to know about it. That in of itself is a big red flag. It gets worse, however. If you use a hack (the hole is too narrow to get through normally and the vent you travel through partially collapses before you get back to the entrance near the water treatment room which would allow you to enter it) and are able to move the camera through the large narrow hole in the wall located in the general location of the Boogie Bot cutout (Where you turn on the power for that section, this is before you come to face to face with Mommy Long Legs again. You can also no clip the camera through the metal security gate where you first enter that section from the water treatment plant.), you can get a glimpse of the aforementioned laboratory, complete with overhead mounted surgical lamps, a computer monitor, and in front of the monitor and most horrifying of all, is an operating table with a large blood stain on it.
  • As you start to uncover more of the secrets of Playtime Co. there are four things that shed light on how things were beginning to go south. The first one is the VHS tape with the interview between Leith Pierre and employee Marcas Brickley. Marcas mentions seeing something that in his words was 50 feet long with a thousand legs (which sounds like PJ Pug-A-Pillar) and it ends with Leith not believing him before dismissing him (Leith only mentions that he will have security skim through the camera footage as opposed to putting them on alert). A second tape has a picture of Mommy Long Legs's arm with a message from management addressing the concern of an alleged giant spider (which fits the description of either Experiment 1006 or Mommy Long Legs herself) and saying that it is nothing to be concerned about (possibly to keep a lid on the truth). The last two things are a set of test score sheets for the games. Both of which have blood stains on them and the notes at the bottom suddenly cutting off as if the author was interrupted (likely because something had attacked them). The proctor's name is different on both sheets (one is named Sara Abell, while the second one is named Mateo Lata) while the name of the child being tested is the same (Makayla Hyssop). This heavily implies that an experiment had gotten into the observation room and killed them while they were proctoring Makayla, and Makayla seems to have gotten distracted by the entity in both cases. This means that some experiments were already starting to breach containment within the factory, while the management seemingly ignored the problem, eventually leading up to the event that caused the staff to disappear.


Trailers and Other:

  • The chapter 1 teaser, which features a "Poppy Playtime Maintenance" video, which starts off with an In-Universe warning to stop watching. It seems normal enough, showing how to paint Poppy's face, brush her hair, and polish her shoes... until the unnumbered step flashes on the screen. It shows Poppy being opened up with surgical forceps and having what is presumably her voice box removed, dripping blood and fluids, while Poppy's eyes have rolled back in her head like she's dead. After a brief flash of LET ME GO LET ME GO LET ME GO appears on the screen, the video declares that "she is all better now", and the video ends with an uncomfortably long shot of Poppy sitting down, staring right into the camera. In addition, there's what looks like blood splatters underneath her chair on the table, compared to the clean table top at the beginning of the video.
    • The already creepy and off-tune music coming to a dead stop as the camera lingers on the shot of Poppy's bloody voicebox being held up by the forceps, and the blood splatters on her neck, is unsettling.
    • If you pause the video and turn up the brightness when the "LET ME GO" appears, Poppy's eye can be seen in the background.
  • The teaser trailer for Chapter 2 includes a very creepy rendition of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", with ominous shots of rooms in Playtime Co. At the end, a door begins to open, but the trailer cuts out before we get to see what's on the other side.
    Poppy: Mommy doesn't like guests...
  • The main trailer for Chapter 2 slowly builds up to the reveal of Mommy Long Legs by opening with her elongated arm snatching up a Huggy Wuggy doll and pulling it into the darkness. The limb slithers from room to room throughout the video, dragging the doll along with it before disappearing into an upper level, all while Poppy delivers a chilling monologue. The trailer ends with Mommy Long Legs herself Emerging from the Shadows and greeting the protagonist in a disarmingly cheerful yet ominous manner.
  • The Commercial trailer for Mommy Long Legs (which also appears during the introduction of Chapter 2) is particularly unnerving. The commercial is similar to the Poppy Playtime commercial, fuzzy with overtly cheerful kids pulling and playing with the toy, then a light whisper of "wake up" can be heard as the narrator continues on. Then to display Mommy's bendy nature, they animate her in stop motion making all sorts of unnatural poses while staring blankly, ending with her suddenly crawling towards the viewer then cutting to a worms eye view of her landing on all fours. As the commercial continues, Poppy's whispers become louder until the screen flickers off and she is seen in the reflection of the tv.
  • The new teaser trailer for chapter 3 opens with a recorded statement from Elliot Ludwig, the founder of Playtime Co., regarding the grand opening event for Playcare, the on-site orphanage. At first, there are a lot of loud cheers of excitement from several attendees, which is normal. However, the cheering eventually morphs into what sounds like screams of terror and distress from several children as the camera zooms in on a colorful, yet very ominous looking gas mask that seems to match the colors of Bron the Brontosaurus.

    General and Other 

  • The Playtime Co. Website has a hidden section of the factory's security cameras being recorded in real time. Some of it shows feeds from the same room Chapter 2's title screen is from, with Mommy's hand still laying limp. For now the grainy footage makes it unclear if there is anything happening, and the cameras will also periodically be cloaked by static, as if there is....
  • The messages that pop up whenever you die. Some are simple "get up"s while others creepily urge you on, as if unconcerned that you died. Considering the nature of Playtime Co.'s secret agenda, there may be something more to it than simple feedback for death.
  • Cut lines in the game code reveal that Poppy is the first successful attempt at turning a flesh and blood person into a toy, hinted at already by Huggy and Mommy bleeding during their defeats... now the question is, how...?