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Nightmare Fuel / Poppy Playtime

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"I just hope that you're certain whatever you're doing is worth it."

You venture into the abandoned toy factory of Playtime Co., which had a mass disappearance of its employees ten years ago... What Could Possibly Go Wrong? A whole lot, especially since it isn't as abandoned as you may think...

Warning! This page features unmarked spoilers.

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The Game:

    Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze 
  • The first scene of the game, where you watch an old infomercial for Playtime Co. advertising the titular Poppy doll. You get to see up close how she is in the Uncanny Valley, with her odd proportions, porcelain features, and Creepy Monotone voice.
    • The female presenter in the Poppy-ad always ends her descriptions of Poppy's functions by stating that Poppy is "just like a real girl." When the presenter asks Poppy if she has anything more to say before the advertisement ends, Poppy replies, in a very insistent tone:
      I'm a real girl. Just like you.
  • The instruction video for the GrabPack is quick to inform the user to not fire the hands at co-workers because the device has the strength to rip someone's head clean off their shoulders. It's the first clue on how dangerous Playtime Co. products can be.
  • Huggy Wuggy, Playtime's most successful toy, is a recurring threat throughout the chapter. His appearance alone is unnerving, even before he gets his Game Face. He is absolutely huge, with creepily long arms (designed to be able to "hug you forever"), and lifeless eyes, always staring straight ahead.
    • He also has more realistic/biological eyes IN his more cartoonish eyes, somewhat reminiscent of dome security cameras. And to go with the hidden biological features, if you look closely at Huggy in statue mode...he's breathing.
  • Huggy's first appearance, where he seems to be a statue in the circular room in the facility until you've returned from the power room, where you quickly realize he's disappeared. When you move on towards the Make-A-Friend room, you'll see his arm slink into an ajar door.
  • The door leads to a long, dark hallway with the only light being the door at the end. While Huggy isn't there, a pipe breaks as you pass, giving an equally frightening Jumpscare.
    • An easily missed scare right afterward is if you pause and turn around halfway through the hall, you'll see him peering at you from just beyond the door, where you were just a few seconds prior.
  • After you find the four power cores in the boxing factory, you can spot him peeking in on you through an air vent, already showing his Game Face. From this point forward you know he is out there, and he knows where you are.
  • When you activate the Make-A-Friend machine, its main set of eyes will open and focus on you, trailing your movement wherever you go. And when the machine finally makes your friend toy, Cat Bee, it's supposed to be endearing but it has a vacant expression that practically screams "I'm dead inside".
  • A minor one, from the same area: Markiplier discovered the hard way that there is indeed fall damage in this game when he jumped off the highest platform after turning on the Make-A-Friend machine. That's not the nightmare fuel. The nightmare fuel is the extremely realistic, clicking snap that accompanies the fall damage, indicating that the protagonist just broke his legs.
  • You finally get the door deeper into the facility open with your friend toy... only to discover both potential passageways to go through are locked. Then Huggy comes shambling out of the darkness of the hallway straight ahead, sporting Nested Mouths with More Teeth than the Osmond Family bent into a Slasher Smile. To escape you flee into the vents through the conveyor belt, only to be pursued, Huggy's body contorting to fit into spaces far too small for him, the same smile never leaving his mouth as he chases you down.
    • More disturbing than his face is the way that Huggy Wuggy moves throughout the chase. He isn't some stiff, awkward automaton, but instead his motions are disturbingly smooth and organic, with it using its arms to pull itself along as it speeds through the vents after you, moving much faster than you'd think something that big could go, especially in such tight spaces. It all gives the player the impression that, rather than being chased by a mindless automaton, you're being pursued by a living thing that's coming for you with all the speed it can muster. He is not toying with you, he is not "savouring his meal", he wants you DEAD. And he will stop at nothing to achieve that.
    • To make the entire scenario more unnerving is all of the messages scrawled along the walls as you flee. All of them are scribbles with warnings not to move forward, to turn back, etc. However, there's no way back that doesn't involve Huggy Wuggy killing you. Then, when you finally escape and reach the "Flower", there's multiple warnings with arrows pointing away from the door... and possibly over the edge of the catwalk. The warnings may have been trying to tell you that death would be preferable to whatever awaits beyond that door...
    • Even the way you dispatch of him near the end of the chapter is nightmarish, if only because he slams his head on a large steel pipe and ragdolls off of it in a manner disturbingly similar to the way a human being might. And then you notice the blood splatter left behind on that pipe after he's fallen out of sight...
  • Listening to the grey tape reveals an Apocalyptic Log by a scientist who locked himself away when... something, implied to be Huggy, broke free of containment when they attempted to dispose of it. Just as disturbing, the scientist brings up how he is unafraid of death, as "one more breakthrough" will bring him back. As the audio cuts out, it makes you wonder what exactly the scientists in Playtime were trying to do with these experiments.
  • The Cliffhanger ending, where you release Poppy from a glass case, and the light flickers and dies just as she opens her eyes.

Trailers and Other:

  • The chapter 1 teaser, which features a "Poppy Playtime Maintenance" video, which starts off with an In-Universe warning to stop watching. It seems normal enough, showing how to paint Poppy's face, brush her hair, and polish her shoes... until the unnumbered step flashes on the screen. It shows Poppy being opened up with surgical forceps and having what is presumably her voice box removed, ripping blood and fluids, while Poppy's eyes have rolled back in her head like she's dead. After a brief flash of LET ME GO LET ME GO LET ME GO appears on the screen, the video declares that "she is all better now", and the video ends with an uncomfortably long shot of Poppy sitting down, staring right into the camera.
    • The already creepy and off-tune music coming to a dead stop as the camera lingers on the shot of Poppy's bloody voicebox being held up by the forceps, and the blood splatters on her neck, is unsettling.
    • If you pause the video and turn up the brightness when the "LET ME GO" appears, Poppy's eye can be seen in the background.
  • The teaser trailer for Chapter 2 includes a very creepy rendition of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", with ominous shots of rooms in Playtime Co. At the end, a door begins to open, but the trailer cuts out before we get to see what's on the other side.
    Poppy: Mommy doesn't like guests...


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