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  • Compared to Ash, Red has an even less excuse to not know anything about Pokemon. He is a ten year old kid obsessed with them. He watches Pokemon matches on a regular basis. His neighbor, Professor Oak, gives frequent talks about Pokemon. But Red doesn't even know anything about Type advantage!
  • I kinda have to wonder: We're used to the Pokémon Speak in the anime series, but here, they just growl, roar, and make other sounds like other animals would. Why is that though???
    • Probably to hammer in the point that this series is not like the regular anime.
    • This is based more on the games, in which the majority of Pokemon don't use Pokémon Speak. Even Pikachu didn't start saying its name in the games until Pokemon Yellow
  • Where was Red able to get the Pokedex data for the other two starters? Wouldn't they have needed to be caught?
    • Through trading I presume. After all, how else does one get a Gengar and Alakazam in the games?
    • The anime itself is not a perfect rehash of the games; Red for example caught a Caterpie and Spearow before entering Viridian City and encountered a Nidoran before said city as well, which does not happen in the games. whose to say that wild Bulbasaur, Eevee, ect aren't around in this anime verse?
  • Marowak was killed by an electrified prod. Marowak is a Ground type, which makes it immune to electricity, and can even have the Lightningrod ability, which also makes it immune to electricity. Did the physical force of the prod kill her?
    • On the same note, how did the kid at Fuji's Pokemon home know how Cubone's mother died? Fuji found Cubone after Marowak was killed.
    • The original Japanese version mentioned immunities or abilities exactly zero times - implying that despite being more faithful than other adaptations, Pokémon Origins ignored them. Is this different in the dub?
      • Abilities were not implemented until Gen III, though.
      • There could be a grimmer interpretation that Marowak was immune to the electricity of the rod, so the Rocket Grunt simply had to beat it to death.
      • Which just opens up a bigger can of worms on how they managed to beat something pretty explicitly human to death with a prod. This troper always assumed Rocket used one of their pokemon to do it given this anime shows pokemon can be violent and potentially lethal.
      • Even if it doesn't mention it explicitly, it clearly shows it on several occasions (Double kick on Geodude Onix, Bubble on Charmander etc)
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    • And if Cubone's helmet is its mother's skull, where did it get its helmet from?
      • The same way as any Cubone bred from the Daycare Center get their helmets in the games. Despite what the Pokédex states, Cubone's helmet skull is not made from their mother skull ever since Generation II. Not to mention that none of the Pokédex entries in Origins are readable anyway.
  • How is Giovanni's Rhyhorn able to OHKO Jolteon with Thunderbolt? Considering Jolteon knows Double Kick, that puts its level at 42 at the very least. Ignoring Volt Absorb or assuming it had Quick Feet explains why it got damaged at all, but Giovanni's Rhyhorn in the original games is level 45. At that level difference, it is absolutely impossible for Rhyhorn to OHKO Jolteon with Thunderbolt, or any Special attack for that matter. I get that they want to make Giovanni look strong, but that's just too absurd to be seen as anything other than wielding the might powers of plot.
    • Not to mention Rhydon has 45 Special Attack, Jolteon has 95 Special Defense, and Electric resists itself. A resisted, non-STAB hit at full health from a Pokemon with virtually no Special Attack stat. Okay then.
    • It's quite justified by where Jolteon was hit: the eyes. Poor Pokemon had probably fainted for the sheer pain...
      • Seems more like Jolteon was engulfed by the Thunderbolt and hit everywhere, not just the eyes.
    • The special tends to ignore levels in terms of when certain mons learn their moves. For instance, Nidoran shouldn't be able to learn double-kick until 46 in the original games, yet knew it in the battle against Onix. It's further implied Red's pokemon are vastly low leveled compared to Charizard.
      • Actually, on Yellow, Nidoran's moveset was shuffled around precisely to let him learn Double Kick early. Game Freak realized that if the rock-ground types had already a massive advantage to players that choose Charmander, on Yellow it would be worse, as you get stuck with Pikachu, thus they gave Double Kick to Nidoran at level 12 from those games onwards to give players a chance against the electric-immune rock-ground types of Brock's Gym. It makes sense for Nidoran to have low kick that early if you remember that. On Rhyhorn, it's implied those pokemon are at much higher level than 45, and they are NOT the pokemon he uses normally as the gym leader, with Horn Drill hitting without fail on something as slow as Rhydon, so regardless of wether we count the recent OHKO mechanics or the old ones, this means a very tough opponent, plus the super-effective Double Kick from Jolteon barely doing damage, and the boast that Giovanni sends out before the start of the battle.
  • Why did it take Red so long to figure out that Mew was out there? He quoted that "Mew gave birth - we gave the newborn mewtwo".
    • If he read the journals, which the quote implies that he did, then Red would likely know that the scientists found Mew way out in a remote area in South America. If that's still true in Origins, he probably just assumed he'd never run into it. That, or... Red possibly didn't read that part, or he just forgot.
    • Red could be that focused on #150 Mewtwo, which was supposed to be the final entry on the 'dex.

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