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Headscratchers / Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

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  • So uh... In the first chapter, Mitsumi tried to stop an Onix with a Starly, right? Putting aside the fact that we never saw this Starly again after this, considering how powerful she really is why didn't she use a better Pokémon? I mean, at the very least she could have used a Pokémon that isn't nearly useless against a Rock-type?
    • The Starly might be at a higher level than the Onix and it's just never explained. Or, more likely, Mitsumi didn't think the Onix would be that hard to calm down and didn't want to use one of her higher-leveled Pokémon.
    • Also, it was allegedly part of her training as part of Team Galactic to fight using weaker Pokemon than her opponent. (And apparently, it's worked well for her.)
  • So...why WAS Cyrus at that contest anyway? Did he find out that Mitsumi was going to be there and race over from wherever he had been? Did he just happen to attend and oh look, there she is?
    • Probably the second option. I'm not sure how applicable this is to DPA, but you do see Cyrus in Mt. Coronet in the games, which is right next to Hearthome City, so... It's not too much of a stretch to assume Cyrus could have been over in Mt. Coronet and then just decided to go over to the contest afterwards.
  • How was Hareta raised? It seems like Rowan just let someone barely older than a toddler loose in a forest by himself, all day every day.
    • He lived with the Pokémon. Hareta is the result of some serious neglectful parenting.
      • I doubt Pokemon can raise a human toddler. Plus, how much interaction would people did he have? He seems sensible and civilized.
      • Sensible? Civilized? Are we, um, talking about the same Hareta here?
    • He knows how to talk and knows basic human social skills, so he's not like you'd expect a Wild Child to be.
      • I always thought he'd see Rowan every now and then...
      • Yeah, it's at least implied that Rowan had the sense to check in on Hareta sometimes. How often is a complete mystery, however.
    • Hareta had developed normally enough before Rowan sent him to live in the forest.
  • Are Jun and Mitsumi supposed to be the same age? To me, Jun seems more closer to Hareta's age.
    • I just figured that Jun is between their ages and is just tall like he (or his counterpart) is on the show. I'd put him at around thirteen/fourteen and Mitsumi at around seventeen/eighteen.
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    • Jun seems taller than Hareta by quite a few inches. If Hareta is around the same height as Ash or even Lucas, we can assume Jun is a teenager or at least a year or two older than him.


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