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Headscratchers / NCT

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  • First and foremost, the NCT system itself. I think it still confuses the members, too.
    • Which units are fixed or not? Will NCT U ever make a comeback? Are Kaicheng and Yuzhi still under SM? Where are they hiding Jungwoo? Did Mark even sleep this year? Why are there 127462 contradicting rumors flying around? Find out next year. Maybe.
      • Jungwoo is finally here!!!
      • It seems like 127 is a permanent unit, while U and Dream are rotational, with U being whoever fits the concept and the Dreamies's graduating when they become 18/adults. Whether future units will be permanent or rotational... only time will tell, I guess.
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    • Is Hansol still with SM? Give us some answers!
      • Not anymore. He's now in J-FLO Entertainment as a member of New Kidd but is currently promoting with UNB after becoming a finalist on The Unit.
  • Why was the #9 missing from the SM Rookies? Who is this guy?
    • It's Jungwoo! He used to perform with others during a couple of Rookies' Shows. We still don't know why he wasn't introduced alongside the others, but I'm glad we finally know he's a real human being and not just our imagination.
  • What really went down during the MarkHyuck Summer Fight of 2017?

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