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  • Ten donating all his "Teen Superstar" prize money to charity, and visiting Mercy Center (a shelter for street kids, orphans and children with HIV).
  • Taeyong becoming a leader. Despite his bad reputation and tons of haters, who wanted SM to drop him off the NCT project, true fans were really glad to see him make it all the way to the very top.
  • Taeyong's explanation as to why he is constantly nagging other members in "NCT On Air Ep.2".
    Taeyong: I made a lot of mistakes by doing the wrong things when I was young. I hope that my dongsaengs and all my beloved members won’t make the same mistakes as me.
  • Following the Taeyong scandal, it is really heartwarming to see his members protecting him.
    • Lyrics to "Mad City". Especially:
    Mark: "Why are they doubting TY?"
    • Also, fandom-made hashtag #LeeTaeyongProtectionSquad
  • How much they promote each other's solo projects. Especially Taeil's.
  • Ten crying at reunion with his teachers.
    Teacher: "I'm very proud and happy. I hope you always have a smile on your face. I'm always rooting for you, so I hope you find strength. "
    Teacher: "This was Ten's dream ever since he was little. I'm very proud of him. Please, take care of him. (to Ten) Your dream will soon come true, so keep up the hard work."
  • Reunion of the two parties in Bangkok. Remember, they haven't seen each other in just two days!
    Ten: "I'm getting a warm feeling. Only five of us were at the broadcast before, but now the 13 of us are together, so I'm happy, and I feel less nervous."
    • Doyoung lifting Hachan and spinning him around.
    • Johnny lifting Hansol onto his shoulders.
    • Taeyong's message to Yuta:
    Yuta: "I was really moved about something. Taeyong, at 2AM yesterday, texted me to come safely. He's shy to show his feelings.. Tsundere."
    • Aparrently, he also texted Mark to not bring warm clothes as it was really hot in Thailand.
  • The message chain they did in "NCT Life in Bangkok Ep.6. They had to leave video messages to each other, and then watched all of them together. The messages mostly showcased The Power of Friendship but the crown goes to Jaehyun's message for Taeil, which invoked Tears of Joy. Watch full cut, bring tissues.
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  • Yuta refusing to eat unless they are all together and others' reactions.
  • Ten's win on "Hit The Stage" after he was last in the previous episode. Not only is his performance phenomenal, he is also very humble about it, and he makes it a point to thank his Choreographer & Dancing team. Go watch it.
  • The thank you speech after receiving their first end of the year award:
    Jaehyun: "Even though we were born in different countries, we dreamt of being singers - and through this dream we were able to meet. The NCT members who are here right now, and all of our NCT members, I really love you. Thank you for making NCT come to life. Let's be together for a long-long time in the future."
  • More than a thousand fans came to support NCT 127's first comeback stage in freezing January cold, even though they only allowed a lucky hundred into the recording.
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  • This photo of Ten's mother hugging him before his departure back to Korea.