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Headscratchers / Marķa la del barrio

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  • Who paid for Soraya's 15 long years in the hospital? She was already running out of money, her mother thought her dead (and it may be unlikely that she could gain access to her money anyway, being just the maid and all), the De la Vega thought her dead (and even if they knew, they would hardly have any interest in helping the woman that was poisoning Maria to the death), and she has no other people looking after her. And her treatment is clearly as expensive as that of Gripina or more, so there's only so much that a hospital would do for free, especially considering Mexico didn't have universal health care or any kind of social insurance program back in 1995-96. Plus, considering she was not a US citizen during her 15 years in Houston, I'm 99.99% sure Medicaid wouldn't have covered her expenses either, considering this occurred during the centre-right years of Reagan/Bush/Clinton.
    • Considering the tendency of high-class mexicans to go and attend themselves on US hospitals, maybe Soraya had medical insurance (although private) for the United States anyway. So that's it? But that raises another question: Having such a criminal backstory, how she didn't got caught as being alive and going well by the De la Vega? Maybe their most fatal mistake with her was not reporting her murderous intentions with Maria.
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  • Soraya's claims when she returned do not make sense (in-story). She says that she left for years as an act of mercy, so that Luis Fernando could be happy with María, instead of staying with a disabled woman forever. Everybody has doubts on her story, if she's sincere or not, but do not trust her because they remember that she was a Manipulative Bastard. But, if they remember for a moment that Soraya tried to murder María with that poison discovered in the hospital, right before her own "death", then there would be absolutely no doubt. Conveniently, nobody ever seems to remember that small detail.

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