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Headscratchers / M.I. High

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  • Why did Lenny always hang around after finding out that he needed to assemble the agents until he can press some kind of slightly subtle red button somewhere (usually around loads of people)? He couldn't have just been informed about anything because usually he was in the middle of some caretaker job, so surely it would have been easier and more convenient to go to the underground base and then alert the agents.
    • Maybe he didn't want to be seen going into the base by the students, or the red button had something to do with unlocking the base for him? Good point, though.

  • Oscar says in his first episode that 'Oscar Cole' isn't his real name, so what is it? The fact he's not really called Oscar seems to have been forgotten after that episode because even his parents call him Oscar. Wouldn't they call him by his real name? At least his father would probably have because he hadn't seen him since he was four.
    • His first name is Oscar, it's his surname that's fake

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