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Heartwarming / M.I. High

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  • Mr Flatley complimenting Frank in "The Ghost."
    Smart man, our Frank. Wasted as a caretaker.
  • Oscar seeing his dad again after three seasons of his father having been believed to be dead must have been one of the crowners of Series 3 - 5... but then the SKUL bomb happens, and although Oscar's injured dad has told Oscar to leave him there after opening an escape route, Oscar walks all the way out of the building with his limping dad. The other spies think he doesn't make it for a few of the saddest moments in the entire show - and then the two emerge from the building, coughing but alive!
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  • Mr Flatley making an effort to make Zoe feel welcome at St. Hearts in season six.
  • Zoe's concern for Kloe, even after learning how unstable she really is. After Frank tells her she's being treated in hospital, her first question is "Can I visit her?"
  • In "The Last Stand" after Korps agents shock Mr Flatley, Mrs King is holding his arm and making sure he's okay. Not to mention that attacking Mr Flatley is what pushes she and the rest of the students to fight back against them.
  • When Tom's plan in "The Last Stand" involves [[spoiler: Keri giving herself up to Korps HQ Frank, Stella, Aneisha and Dan are all against it.
    Keri: ...everyone's in danger because of me.
    Stella: Keri, it's not your fault.
    Frank: Stella's right. You don't have to do this.]]

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