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Headscratchers / Jurassic World: Battle at Big Rock

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    How did the baby Nasutoceratops not die when the Allosaurus bit down and lifted it off the ground? 

  • Since Nasutoceratops has a relatively heavy head, the neck probably develops very strong muscle even at a young age. Seeing as the Allosaurus had it by the edge of the skull, it wasn't biting into anything soft, and it definitely didn't shake it around enough for a Neck Snap.

  • Allosaurus had very weak jaws for a large theropod, and relied on cutting bleeding wounds into its prey to kill it. Since it didn't get a good bite into the body, the damage would've been minimal.
    • To elaborate, Allosaurus was a specialized hunter of large but unarmored prey such as sauropods and ornithopods. Its jaws were built more for slicing than for crushing, unlike the jaws of tyrannosaurs. Instead of crushing their skulls, it relied on biting large chunks out of its victims and waiting for them to bleed out. The Allosaurus wasn't able to get in a killing bite, so the baby Nasutoceratops survived.

    How did the daughter shoot the Allosaurus twice with a single shot crossbow without reloading? 

  • Automatic Crossbows, perhaps?

  • It's easy to miss (and might just be a handwave since I don't know if these are actually a thing) but the daughter specifically calls it a "double crossbow" when she tells her dad the neighbor let her shoot it.

     Where did the Nasutoceratops came from? In fact where was it, Carnotaurus, Allosaurus, Sinoceratops, Stygimoloch in Jurassic World? 

  • Possibly the Restricted Area of Nublar.


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