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Headscratchers / Invisible Network of Kids

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  • A Network of just 4 students?! "Total Domination" over a charter school of just 32 students? On paper, these are not very high stakes. If INK are that concerned and they're really that competent, INK's agents should be able to just get some evidence and show this to the authorities (probably the police or even Mr. Soper). With a boarding school that small, the students can just outright rebel if they're getting screwed over by Macbeth, and no one could really do anything about it?
    • Actually one of the later episodes does show them making McBeth nice and harmless, but they become incredibly bored afterwards. So yeah they could probably beat her or have her arrested if they wanted to. They choose not to because it's become more about the chase, being the only thing they really had in common at first. But, if McBeth ever did something really dangerous or something they couldn't handle, they'd pull the plug on her in a heartbeat.
  • It kind of bugs me that Macbeth never thought of sabotaging the school by making all the kids fat. With the rampant child obesity problem you'd think that would be the most obvious plan.
    • Maybe next season? The show hasn't been confirmed to be cancelled yet, has it?
  • Why would the UK broadcaster edit out the educational segment?


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