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Headscratchers / Halt and Catch Fire

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  • In "10Broad36", why did Joe decide that Mutiny should port their programs to the UNIX platform rather than the more prevalent IBM PC-compatible and Apple II platforms? Sure, Joe has his grievances with IBM in the past, but IBM PC-compatibles had the largest share in the home computer market, after the C64, especially after (relatively) inexpensive clones, such as the Tandy 1000, started coming out.
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  • Additionally, there is a very inconsistent level of treatment of how much of Mutiny runs on a client's computer versus their server. In fact many BBSes of the 1980s were purely "server-side" in the sense that the only thing needed on the "client" side was a computer and a modem - in short, the client was often platform-independent.note 
  • Why hasn't Cameron heard of "ATM0"note  for her modem yet?
  • Bosworth is potentially shortchanging Mutiny. In 1986, he tells a seller he wants a bank of "v.22" (1200 bps CCITT/ITU-T standard) modems, then complains he could "go to US Robotics and get high-speed transfer modems" for the same price. HST as a proprietary asymmetric 9600 bps protocol was widely sought after for several years until the V.32 standard was widespread and affordable enough to displace it (circa 1989/1990). Since USR offered BBS sysop discounts, Bosworth should just make the leap for a bank of HST modems and advertise the fact to customers.
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  • Why isn't Bosworth relating his rather expansive knowledge of business negotiating strategies? In the 20+ years he worked for Cardiff he has to have his fair share of experience in the power dynamics of tete-a-tete. Yet he's about as loud as a bump on a log as Cameron and Donna self-congratulatorily insist they don't need to be the ones to finalize the SwapMeet takeover. He's already seen what a disadvantage they have due to the sexism in the computing industry.
  • In "The Threshold", Gordon warns Donna about perusing the Mutiny IPO behind Cameron's back. However, when Cameron forces a vote on the IPO, why did Gordon vote in favor of the IPO?
    • As I recall, Gordon states clearly that he's voting with Donna because she's his wife, regardless of his personal beliefs.

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