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    Season 1 
  • Donna recovering the data off Cameron's dead hard drive is an awesome feat on its own; however, she also manages to uncover Joe's manipulation and call him out on it after she finds something off with Cameron's degaussed "backup disks".
  • From "Adventure":
    • Cameron using the Adventure game as a filter to see who are the most competent coders in the group Joe hired. She whittles the crew from about twenty down to three by choosing only those who were sufficiently creative to sidestep "orthodox" methods of playing the game, and invoking "The Mythical Man-Month" as her ultimate justification, as adding the twenty extra people was simply slowing the project down.
    • Earlier, Joe shows up expecting to collect Gordon's gratitude for smoothing things over with the Japanese businessmen... only to discover that Gordon had already fixed things by going and groveling before his father-in-law for help. Taken together with Cameron's weeding out the excess coders, this marks the first point in the series where Cameron and Gordon manage to outmaneuver Joe.
  • Gordon manages to convince Cameron and Joe to join him and sell the Giant at COMDEX. This, after he pulls off an earlier moment of awesome in fooling the FBI by partially disassembling the Giant, then sneaking back into Cardiff to retrieve it.
  • Bosworth taking all the blame for the bank embezzlement and taking enough of a crash course in hacker lingo to be able to claim he did it himself.
  • When Joe gets flummoxed momentarily at finding out the hotel room Cardiff had booked, plus their booth, were let go for lack of funds, Gordon pushes the other three into a series of daring Batman Gambits to be able to get lodgings (basically by pushing a couple of guys out of the convention by calling their bluff on how well their printer works) and a booth (with naked bribery), plus a secret weapon in the form of hiring some porn stars to distract the conventiongoers from wanting to check out the Giant while it is still in a temperamental state. It all manages to come off, giving Cardiff the boost they need to get to floor day at the convention.
  • Gordon's burn to the Slingshot would-be clonemaker:
    Gordon: We vented the side panels and changed the chip layout. It got a lot easier after we fired you.
  • Joe and Gordon turning around Nathan's dominance ploy, and Nathan in turn appointing both of them as effective co-Presidents with shares in the company.
  • For Cardiff Electric as a whole, finally turning out a workable portable computer that will net them a huge profit in the first year of production.

    Season 2 
  • Cameron stealing Rick's (the fence) truck keys and helping Donna successfully make off with two brand-new XTs to replace the Chinese knockoffs he fobbed off on them earlier.
  • Bosworth using his well-honed skill at bonhomie to entice high-paying Mutiny customers back to signing up with the BBS. He later persuades another video game company to buy the rights to Mutiny's latest game, Extract and Defend, by convincing them to buy an all-American made game instead of localizing a Japanese game.
  • Mutiny throws a big customer appreciation party as a way to thank their customers for sticking with Mutiny's ups and downs.
  • Cameron gets revenge against Westgroup for hijacking Mutiny by uploading Sonaris to their mainframe. To put the icing on the cake, she does this during Westgroup's annual shareholders' meeting, which eventually results in Jacob Wheeler getting ousted as Westgroup's CEO.

    Season 3 
  • Gordon and Donna pulling out a last-minute rescue of the temperamental Mutiny BBS mainframe, kicking off its official relaunch in California.
  • Cameron and Donna changing tack and figuring out how to get the money they need and the swap forum software they need to boost Mutiny's profile, by getting a VC firm to help them buy out another company instead of financing their internal expansion.
  • Bosworth going with his instincts and hard-balling the SwapMeet owners into accepting $350,000 as the buying price instead of $600,000.
  • Gordon managing to put the pieces together about Joe's plan to be the NSFNet backbone provider and figuring out how to steal it out from under him.
  • Almost immediately after meeting Tim Berners-Lee, Joe realizes the true potential of the World Wide Web and how to get name recognition by being the company that issues the first workable publicly usable web browser.
  • Joe telling off an openly homophobic investor in the 1980s is this.

    Season 4 


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