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Fridge / Halt and Catch Fire

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Fridge Logic

  • Gordon is prone to addictive behaviors and/or has an undiagnosed manic depressive disorder (probably exacerbated by his exposure to heavy metal vapors in the 1970s and early 1980s), which is the as-yet not well-understood (for him or Donna) source of issues in his marriage to Donna.
    • He's picked up for a drunk and disorderly at the beginning of the series (potential alcohol dependency)
    • He throws himself into the Giant project and is the one most intent on getting the Giant to COMDEX (he gets a "high" from the rush of beating a deadline)
    • He develops a dependency on cocaine (repeating the "high" from the same kind of rush as the deadline-beating above)
    • He becomes practically a recluse when he buys some C64s and learns about the Mutiny BBS's quirks as well as coding in C (he also gets a "high" from the immersive nature of abstract thought manifesting before his eyes)
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    • He insists on beating the Super Mario Bros. game even when Cameron appears to be willing to throw in the towel.

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