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Headscratchers / Guardian Ninja Mamoru

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  • Why does Kagemori continue to protect Yuna? Just because some idiot ancestor of his made a promise does not mean he is obliged to fulfill it. And honestly, anyone that stupid deserves to die. Or at least not be protected and babied 24/7. So why doesn't he simply abandon the idiotic girl to her fate? Without him, she'd last 10 minutes. Let her learn the hard way that life is cruel.
    • Fridge Logic can come into play here. Its because of Kagemori's family oath that someone as dumb as Yuna can survive in the modern world and its going to get worse. Basically think what this entails over many generations, no matter how outright stupid and ignorant the family line becomes, their pet ninjas would make everything right. While Kagemori is a decent sort, a future Knight Templar descendant might decide that his oath covers assassinating business rivals so that Yuna's descendants would get a free ride in the job market since all other even remotely qualified individuals are dead or intimidated away from the job....
  • How can Kagemori deflect bullets with a sword?
    • Rule of Cool, of course.