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Headscratchers / Fighting Fantasy

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Night Dragon
  • If Kilanirax wasn't bound by the Oath, why didn't he just kill the Night Dragon himself instead of dragging in humans, dark elves, and dwarves?
    • Because God's Hands Are Tied. The gods can't directly intervene in the world of mortals, so they're forced to get their mortal agents (adventurers, Big Bads, etc.) to do a lot of the work for them.
    • If Kilanirax intervenes directly, the Gods of Chaos will too. Escalation is not in the best interest of mortals.

The Crimson Tide
  • While the whole theme of the book is Revenge, there's something that puzzles me: while it's obvious that avenging yourself brutal-style is a loss, because you became just like the one who killed your family, I still don't get why the endings where you give up on the whole revenge thing in the first place are still considered kind of a Non-Standard Game Over. It' like the game it's telling you, at the same time: "Revenge is wrong, blood only leads to more.... what? You're going to let him go away after he killed your family? Weakling!". It kinda makes pointless having multiple endings when, apparently, only one matters....

Legend of Zagor
  • Ok, is just a small thing but... isn't a little odd that your character can effortlessly lift and haul Zagor's corpse across the whole castle despite the fact that at the moment he's a 4-meters tall giant?


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