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This is a character sheet for the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. It is under construction and any contributions are welcome!

Given the nature of the gamebooks any vital plot-relevant twists and weaknesses (especially weaknesses) should be kept under spoiler tags.

Due to the many characters in each book, the page is now divided into pages.

The Forces of Order

Outer Planes

  • Celestial Court: The higher Primal Deities who created the universe before sidestepping, and the Major Gods and Godesses that form the Celestial Court, ruling the world of Titan.Character List 

The World of Titan

  • The Hero & Companions: The Hero, their travelling companions, and other noteworthy individuals that are encountered along the wayCharacter List 
  • Allies: The forces of Good helping youCharacter List 
  • Rulers: The neutral rulers that aid you on your perilous journeyCharacter List 

The Forces of Chaos

Outer Planes

  • Dark Gods: The Demon Gods who were cast into the Void in the beginning of the Mythopoeia, and the various Dark Gods under them.Character List 
  • The Pit: The foul Servants of Chaos that rule the Demonic Underworld along with its denizensCharacter List 

The World of Titan

  • Major Antagonists - Allansia: The various major antagonists that plague the continent of Allansia, divided by separate pages due to its numbers.
    • RulersCharacter List 
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    • The Demonic Three: The three former pupils of the wicked wizard Volgera Darkstorm and most notable Sorcerous Overlords.Character List 
    • Conquerors & WarlordsCharacter List 
    • CultistsCharacter List 
    • OthersCharacter List 
  • Major Antagonists - Khul: The various major antagonists that plague the continent of KhulCharacter List 
  • Major Antagonists - The Old World: The various major antagonists that plague the continent of the Old WorldCharacter List 

Other Worlds and Locations

  • Other Locations: Antagonists that reside in other dimensions and locations, including our good ol' EarthCharacter List