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Headscratchers / Fifty Shades of Grey

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  • If I remember correctly from the book, Christian has a bunch of nudie pics of old BDSM partners, that he can use as blackmail material to keep them from revealing his kink to the world. If they plan to tell the world about his fetishes, he'll show the world their nude pics. ...How is that supposed to work, exactly? I get that the average woman doesn't want the world to see pics of her naked, but wouldn't Christian be Hoist by His Own Petard if he ever carried out that plan? After all, if a woman tells the media she did weird BDSM sex stuff with him, and he reveals private naked pics of her to the public, people will assume they really did do sex-stuff together, because how else would Christian have pics like that? (Unless he had somebody sneak into the woman's home and take them, which would be just as bad for his reputation.) So isn't he basically saying that if she publicly accuses him of a BDSM-fetish, he'll make people believe what she says? Even though he obviously wouldn't want people to believe it?
    • Taking You with Me
      • Considering how quickly these things blow over in real life, probably more of irrational something or other on Christian's part. Also probably a smidge of double standards or the author injecting an extremely heavy dose of their personal world view into things and Protagonist-Centered Morality. After all, the series has a character who rapes people and records the intercourse to blackmail them into doing what they want as if rape is somehow too socially unbearable to report. And also note, that was not a description of Christian the protagonist but Hyde one of the antagonists.
      • Actually, both do the "nude pics and video" blackmailing (Christian having it (the pics of some of his subs in his closet, and let's not forget he has CCTV surveillance in all his penthouse including his sex dungeon so all is recorded) as a last resort in case they break the confidentiality contract, Hyde using it actively to blackmail his secretaries to whatever he pleases). And that actually makes creepier how these two might be enemies, but have so much in common....

  • Anastasia is a college student in the 2010s, but doesn't understand how to use a computer. How is that even possible? Course registration is done through online accounts at most universities and a lot of class work is done online, but she doesn't even have an email address? How has she managed that?
    • Perhaps the justification is that she was a fan of old school typewriters and such? Hard to say.

  • Why did Grace, a pediatrician, refused to seek counseling for Christian, a four-year who recently lost his mother and suffered abuse at the hands of his mom's pimp and a cruel fellow foster kid? In fact, does EL James have a prejudice against the psychiatric community? The one shrink mentioned in the series, Dr. Flynn, is at best Christian's paid lackey and at worst would have had his license suspended for the things he did (revealing patient information to an outside party without patient's consent, involuntary commitment without involvement from the state, etc).
    • Misinformed author perhaps.

  • Why do neither of the main characters, who are supposedly in love, not trust each other? Both spend the entire relationship, even when they're married, expecting their partner to cheat on them the moment another option comes up. That doesn't look very "loving" to me...
    • The book presents a lot of things poorly or outright wrong about a lot of things, romanticizing things that shouldn't be and demonstrating dangerously incorrect information like physical sensation or orgasm equaling consent and/or pleasure. So basically, a terribly misinformed author, it would seem.

  • Meta example: Whose bright idea was it to put "Maybe I'm Amazed", a love song written about the singer's love for his wife after she helped pull him out of depression, on the soundtrack for the third movie?
    • Because that’s what the author thinks her story is about. The trilogy as a whole is essentially a love story about a woman saving her lover from his personal demons. In theory, anyway. So, of course, the movie is going to play into that.
    • The entirety of this series (movies and books) is what the author SEEMS to be an enthralling tale of love and kink, but is really just a hodge-podge mess of word vomit, HORRIBLE character development and building, and just...terrible storytelling, period.