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Headscratchers / Feet of Clay

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  • If slavery is illegal in Ankh-Morpork, and this novel establishes that you can be a magically-created lifeform that's incapable of speech and still be protected from enslavement by this stricture, then why are imps (which could always talk) still being bought and sold for use in Magitek cameras, tape recorders and PDAs in so many books to follow?
  • If Angua has to explain to Cheery what a golem is early in the book, how can Cheery later reminisce about having seen them working with arsenic in the Alchemists' Guild in Pseudopolis?
    • Could be that they just called them something different in Pseudopolis, and Cheery was just not familiar with the Ankh-morporkian term for them.

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