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Headscratchers / Defender's Quest

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  • I don't understand what does all the stuff with fire moon in Tletl-Meztli dreams mean. Is it some form of her magic, or just a metaphor? That might be interesting, because all the magic in the game has as its source Eztli-Tenoch, and with his death The Magic Goes Away. Tletl-Meztli's magic (whether fire moon stuff or her blood magic) might be the only exception.
    • It is very heavily implied that Azra is Tletl-Meztli reincarnated. Yes, even though the first several years of Azra's life overlaps the last ones of Tletl-Meztli's. Also, Tletl-Meztli's magic is probably not an exception, since she earned it alongside, and thus presumably from the same source as, Eztli-Tenoch.
  • Also, again, all the magic in the game comes from Eztli-Tenoch. The question is, how he'd got the stuff? Are wizards that rare in their world, or had he stolen the magic from somewhere?
    • They are that rare, since tapping into magic requires years - if not decades - of effort, judging by the stories about what Zelemir went through not to mention Eztli-Tenoch going on about what all he discarded for power. This would partly explain why it is so rare for mortals to learn Dragon's Fire, even though any dragon could teach it.
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  • So, that battle where your defenders fought a flock of sheep...why on earth did Azra have to pull them into the half-way world to fight them? They're not revanant, they're SHEEP!
  • Who's side is Zelemir on anyway? The first four acts really make it seem like he's an agent of Eztli-Tenoch, especially considering that he commands his powers and his revenant, and the fact that he was originally the one who released him into the world, but then all of a sudden it's revealed that he's a well-intentioned extremist fighting to keep Etzli-Tenoch from rising again? It's jarring, to say the least.
  • How is the blood seal supposed to work? Zelemir implies that if Etzli-Tenoch gets one drop of Azra's blood, he'll be free to walk the earth again. But they never exactly explain what "constitutes getting her blood" as Zelemir is apparently also convinced that running her through with a sword isn't going to break the seal and will in fact prevent Etzli Tenoch from using her to rise. Does the blood have to fall into a specific place or time? It's highly unlikely that Azra's gone her whole life without getting a paper cut.

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