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Headscratchers / David Bowie

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  • Does David Bowie know what an avocado is? In Pablo Picaso there is a very questionable lyric where it is stated that he makes girls the colour of a juicy avocado is this the on purpose or what. Ridiculously minor I know.
    • Pablo Picasso is a cover. You'll have to take that up with The Modern Lovers.
    • Additionally, the lyric could be an allusion to the greenish hue of olive skin.
      • Or jealousy
  • Anyone have any idea why, in virtually every live performance of Life On Mars?, he replaces "she could spit in the eyes of fools" with "it's about to be lived again"?
    • Maybe it has to do with the matching line in the second verse being "It's about to be writ again"?
  • So whose shirts does Major Tom wear?