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  • Why do they strap on their skates BEFORE they go up to the roof? Do they climb the ladder with the skates on?
    • In the deleted scene showing them making the makeshift ladder, they do indeed go up in skates... somehow.

    This decision cannot be appealed? 
  • In the film, Randal sells cigarettes to a minor. Later, some kind of lawyer shows up to blame Dante and hand him a citation, telling him that it "cannot be appealed in any court." What the hell? Since when did New Jersey decide it was exempt from the Sixth Amendment, which gives U.S. citizens the right to a public trial?
    • If the cartoon adaptation is any example, New Jersey of the Clerks-verse is run on the Rule of Funny.
    • Is there any real reason to believe that Dante will have to pay the fine? Even if it cannot be appealed in any court, he and Randal could probably contact the lawyer and the family of the girl and explain that it was all an accident, and either get the fine dismissed or have it be given to Randal.

    I'm not even supposed to BE here today! 
  • It always bugged me why Dante stays all day. He only agreed to come in a half day, and his boss who was supposed to come in in the afternoon skedaddles out of town. He hates the job, he was lied to, the shutters won't go up, why wouldn't he just close up and go home? I doubt his boss would fire him after doing him dirty like that.
    • Because Dante's an Extreme Doormat, it's pointed out by several other characters.
    • Like the previous reply says, Dante's quite a doormat, but I think there's a bit more to it than that. He's also quite passive-aggressive and seems to on some level enjoy playing the victim, and being "forced" to come in on his day off gives him a perfect opportunity to play that role. He's also obviously pretty indecisive (See the girlfriend situation for proof of that) and doesn't like having his routine broken (the lame excuses not to go back to college in spite of being told repeatedly that he's letting his potential go to waste in his clerk job, the story about crapping himself when he was three because his potty wasn't in a state he was expecting, and Randal's repeated remarks about how Dante's perfectly happy in his rut in spite of his constant whining about it). On some level he's probably loving the chance to build up some hostility towards his boss that he'll release in petty little ways later.
    • "I doubt his boss would fire him after doing him dirty like that." Oh you sweet summer child.
    • Also, because he's already there, and is going to get paid for being there. He might not enjoy it, but his day off is ruined anyway, so he might as well just stick around and earn some more money.

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