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Headscratchers / Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

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  • 'The healer is crazy
    • Seriously, what is with that guy?
    • There is a water of life fountain about a day's journey away from the village. Yet this guy never thought to keep a few vials of it in stock, just in case, you know, someone gets sick.
    • He sends two children out alone to fetch the aforementioned water without any adult supervision or protection. Is that criminal neglect, or did he intend for the children to die among the many hazards along the way?
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    • The older brother looks like he's in his mid-late teens so he might be considered an adult by the standards of a medieval society (and would be the de facto head of the household if their sole remaining parent dies), and the healer is an old man who probably wouldn't survive a trip that required a lot of luck and two healthy young boys strong enough to launch themselves at least an entire body length straight up using just their arms. Besides, unless there is another healer of comparable experience there, then it'd probably be a terrible idea to leave their community in the lurch like that, especially when there's a fatally sick person lying on his table. As for why he didn't have a stockpile, considering all the trouble it took to get just one pouch of the stuff, the possibly recently deceased army of giants, the stuff that can kill off an army of giants, and the two deadly that were inhabiting the path right before the tree, its very likely that no one had survived a trip to the tree in a long while and he was just giving them an option since they were about to become orphans.
      • You do get the impression in the cutscene that the healer was just mentioning he couldn't cure him without this item, and determined to save their father, the boys elected to go.
      • And that makes him less irresponsible how?
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    • Alternatively, it's possible that the journey wasn't supposed to be all that dangerous. The boys weren't supposed to go to the troll dungeons, which means they wouldn't be stuck in the woods during the night (we never really find out, but they could have been planning to stay at a roadside inn) and wouldn't have fallen off a waterfall. The rest of their adventure is all about getting back on track to the "frozen city". This frozen city was expected to be a regular old city (based on the fact that frozen people are everywhere and are constantly being wrecked, we can expect that whatever happened there happened in the last week,) where they could have asked someone to point them to the tree. The whole trip was supposed to be a 2-3 day leisurely trip for the two young brothers. As for why the Healer didn't keep a stock of the healing liquid, it's entirely possible that the liquid goes bad after a while, and he didn't feel the need to keep it, considering it's just a short trip away.
      • Which is exactly why you don't send kids alone in a world like theirs. Unless, of course, you are crazy or want them dead.

  • What's up with the annoying kid at the start of the game? Doesn't he know their dad is dying and they're kinda in a hurry? Why don't the two brothers just force their way through without having to go through all the hassle of swimming, climbing roofs and unleashing deadly miniature dogs?
    • Possibly just for the sake of a tutorial, and/or the boy is really that callous (and cowardly).

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