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  • The song "Irreplaceable". She's kicking a guy out of her house for cheating on her, and then she says "I could have another you in a minute, and in fact he'll be here in a minute." If she has another man on his way to move in with her as soon as the first guy is gone, doesn't this imply that she's also been cheating?
    • I always thought what she meant by the line "matter of fact he'll be here in a minute" is saying that not only can she find another man easily, she intends to start the search, like, right now. I might be wrong but that's just always how I heard it.
    • I interpreted it a little differently. I thought she meant she went looking for another guy as soon as she found out the first was cheating and then, she kicked him out. Of course, that might be cheating too on her part since she didn't dump him yet, but I'm not certain.
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    • I always thought she meant that he shouldn't be telling her she'll regret this decision because there are a million other cheating losers out there and she could get any of them. I believe the "matter of fact, he'll be here in a minute" was either gloating of some kind, or a warning to get out before her new boy comes and whoops some ass.
    • I think it's playing off of her image, that she is so desirable she could get any guy she wants at any time.
      • I thought it was a combination of the above, and another way of saying she's better off without him: he's just another asshole and there are a million others like him. She's special, he's insignificant.
    • I assumed that they had broken up a day or two before (allowing time to pack out and get ready to move out) and, in that time, she'd already managed to replace him with a new guy.
  • Don't get me wrong. I enjoy most of her music, and the song is quite catchy. But can somebody please tell me why the music video to "Single Ladies" is stated by several people, artists or not, as being one of the best ever (not including Kanye West)? Is there some kind of artistic viewpoint I'm missing? All I see is three women in spandex doing alright, but not incredibly special, dance moves? (Which may be ONE of the reasons some people like it...)
    • It's one long take, as I understand it. It's a pretty masterful technical achievement, but I agree it's being way overblown for artistry.
    • Adding to that, I've been led to believe from a few people with film and TV experience, that filming in black and white is much more difficult that it would seem. Instead of just buying the right film and shooting, there are also some considerations that need to be made in terms of lighting and composition to avoid loss of details.
    • It's precisely because it's just three minutes of dancing, one scene, no real set, instead of being plot-driven with a lot of special effects, as far as the art of the music video has come. It's also captivating because many different styles of dance are covered in those three minutes and the lighting is flawless. Beyoncé herself explains here and here.
  • Her robot-ish hand in the Single Ladies music video. Seriously. What was the point?
    • Rule of Cool?
    • An homage to Michael Jackson, perhaps?
    • She's showing off her hand as one does when one gets a new ring.
  • Is the message of Single Ladies supposed to be "Get engaged, NOW!" ?
    • From the lyrics it sounds like she's addressing a former boyfriend who didn't want to marry her, but is now upset to see her with other men ("And now you on a trip / 'Cause another brother noticed me"). She's basically saying "If you're so bothered about it, why didn't you make me yours?"
  • In the song "Sorry", why does Beyoncé repeat "I ain't sorry"? Why is this even necessary? Who in their right mind believes Beyoncé has anything to apologize for?
    • It could be a sarcastic remark on her part. Her man is attempting to apologize for his cheating on her, and she's refusing to accept his apology. She's going out on the town not thinking about him at all, and she doesn't feel bad about it, because she has no reason to care what her man thinks about it after he's just stepped out on her. "Sorry, I ain't sorry!"


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