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  • The "Single Ladies" dance went memetic almost instantly, thanks in no small part to a dancer named Shane Mercado, who put up a video of himself doing the dance almost the next day. The show Extra decided to bring Shane to the premiere of Cadillac Records to surprise Beyonce. Beyonce, who had seen the video and wanted to meet him, geeked out.
  • Quoting Sweet Brown after the power outage at the Super Bowl.
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  • In 2014, the whole family was going through the security line at the airport in Germany. Jay-z was holding Blue (a toddler at the time) while she pitched a fit. Beyonce didn't realize the paparazzi was there and that she was caught on camera fussing at Blue for misbehaving. As soon as she turned around and saw the cameras, she gave them a priceless "What the hell are you looking at?" Death Glare.
  • In the song Sorry, Beyonce proceed to tell her cheating lover to suck on her balls because she's done with him. Even Beyonce couldn't help but smile at that line and even spread her legs in the air in her HBO visual special that came with the release of Lemonade.
    • There's just something funny about Beyonce sitting in a throne with tennis champion Serena Williams twerking on the floor beside her.
  • On her Instagram page, she posted photos of herself and Jay-Z as Black Ken and Barbie for Halloween and the goofy grin on his face sells it.

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