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Headscratchers / Batman vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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  • Did Mr Freeze and Two-Face get killed by the mutated Batman? Two-face was thrown out a window but since Two-Face is a mutant he may have been able to survive. I'm still not sure but I'm positive Mr Freeze is dead.
    • Their mutated forms were clearly able to take a lot more punishment, and the mutagen has incredible healing qualities in some continuities (April once described it as "like magic") so their survival isn't entirely out of the question. Some off-hand confirmation of it still would have been nice though.
  • Also on the subject of Mr.Freeze, how did he get mutated? The mutatgen was delivered by the sprinter system and all inmates were doused and transformed. This includes Mr.Freeze, the man inside a vacuumed sealed, protective environmental contamient suit was contaminated. Cloths are understandable, but a metal suit built to keep the outside world out can't stop some liquid rain from getting in. Even he starts to transform we see the glass break and hear the air cold air leak out, so his seal wasn't broken till he started to mutate.
    • Despite being sealed, Mr. Freeze still needed some way to breathe, so the suit probably had some vents on it, so it might have gotten into the vents and he breathed it in.
  • So is there any rhyme or reason behind what animal the mutagen turns you into, or is it just whatever the writers feel like? In the 1987 and 2012 shows it was whatever the person had recently come into contact with, but here there doesn't seem to be any such guideline.
    • It depends on the writers and also symbolism. Batman because his motif is a Bat. Mr. Freeze into a Polar Bear because it lives in the cold. Poison Ivy into a mutant plant because of her affiliation with plants. Harley Quinn into a Hyena because hyenas always laugh. The Joker being a cobra because he will backstab anyone which is why, in Injustice 2 especially, everyone hates him. Two-Face into a cat as mentioned in YMMV's Fridge Brilliance. Scarecrow as a crow which is an irony as scarecrows are meant to scare crows away. Bane being a jaguar in the animated movie is probably the only odd one out as it makes more sense for him to be an elephant which he was said animal in the comics as both animals are quite strong.
      • Well, maybe animal interactions did count, Mr. Freeze is the odd one out thought, Harley did own pet hyenas, Joker probably uses snake venom in his Joker toxin, Bane's mask seems to be made of leather, maybe it was panther? He seems the type, and Two-face, due to his duality motif, he would absolutely have to have a Janus cat, And perhaps Scarecrow incorporated some crow feathers into his costume, if the Penguin was there I'll bet bucks he would turn into one seeing as his Iceberg lounge sometimes is portrayed as having live penguins in it, and Batman is known to have live bats in his cave, perhaps there was some particulates on his skin, a good chance any of the bat family took some mutagen they would turn into bats as well.
      • Mr. Freeze may not even be the odd one out. There are incarnations of his character that own polar bears.
      • Poison Ivy would still be an odd one out considering that she's the only one that doesn't become an animal hybrid, though considering that she's already sort of "part-plant" the mutagen could have just ramped up the mutations she already had.
      • Harley looked more like a Golden Labrador than a Hyena if you ask me.
      • Harley's outfit covers her ears and what would've become her mane, so most of the hyena's distinctive traits would be concealed. But her design HEAVILY emphasizes her jaws and teeth, which is what hyenas are most known for, after their laugh.

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