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Headscratchers / American Horror Story: Freak Show

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  • The in-universe explanation for the doctor's death is that he used a hammer to crush his own hands and then shot himself in the head. While we, the audience, know what really happened, this in-universe explanation makes no sense. if he broke one hand with the hammer, he'd have no way to break the other one. If he broke both hands, how would he hold the gun to shoot himself? While we know that this story is fake, it doesn't make any sense that the characters just accept that that's what happened, and no one so much as questions it.
  • So, wouldn't Pepper find it strange that some of the staff and inmates of Briarcliff resemble her former freak show kin?
    • Especially considering that Sister Jude looks just like Elsa Mars (who Pepper has a strong bond with)?
      • Pepper DOES express an extremely strong love/like of Sister Jude. Jude reciprocates and treats Pepper FAR better than any of the other "inamtes/psychos/whatever". Pepper was caught with food in her room, and Jude just joked with her. Lana was caught with paper in her room and was exposed to electric shock therapy, not to mention how STRONGLY Sister Jude reacted after learning that Pepper had died. There is definitely a connection between Pepper and Sister Jude.
  • How did Elsa sell the freak show to Dandy? Seeing as how she had already sold it to Chester, it was not hers to sell anymore. Even though Chester turned himself into the police, he still owns the freak show, and Elsa had no way of knowing that he did so, anyway.
    • It's possible the paperwork wasn't official yet. And even if Chester was still around to contend the deal with Dandy, Elsa would be long gone and wouldn't have to deal with the consequences.
  • What ever happened to Dell and Maggie after their deaths? Sure, they did bad things, but so did Elsa, and she gets away with it in the end. What makes her so much better and deserving of heaven than two people who, unlike her, realized they were in the wrong and tried their best to make up for it?
    • Sadly, I think the freaks just flat-out wouldn't accept either into their collective after-life because they weren't "one of them," unlike Elsa, who was not only a fellow "freak," as Ethel had found out, but whom they all had already known and loved long before Dell or Maggie came around and did misdeeds the freaks might not have forgiven them for. That or Dell and Maggie themselves decided to go elsewhere; I like to think Dell did find happiness with Andy, and Maggie can find inner-peace. Or maybe she can find Dandy and teach him to not be terrible or something.
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  • Did Elsa hit Paul purely by mistake or on purpose for being accused of selling the twins?