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Haiku / Inception

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This is a classic
Classy people inside dreams
Wait for that train, Mal
->—Iku Masamune

Hot men in nice suits
Doing flips in zero-g
wait, there was a plot?

Dream within a dream
Itself in a bigger dream
I'm a bit confused.

Time is all messed up
An hour becomes a year
Slow-motion action.

You could be sleeping
but you wouldn't remember
Is this the real world?

In others' dreamscapes
Implanted with new ideas
Je ne regrette rien...


"Was it all Cobb's dream?"
The inception worked as planned:
That's not your idea.

Mal is still alive
What we thought was 1 is 2
Wake up on the plane

I just... What the hell?
What the hell, man? I have no
Clue what I just watched.

Pretty neat movie
Chris Nolan's best film ever
Wait, that top wobbled
- hectogon


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