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  • Dave yelling to Tiffani in season 1 "I'm not your bitch, bitch!"
  • Stefan calling Season 2 Runner-up Marcel a "twat" during the Season 5 finale.
  • CJ's appearance in the Season 3 intro. He's so tall that he doesn't fit in the frame, so he leans down in order to be in the shot.
  • Anthony Bourdain's commentary when he would judge.
  • Tiffani calling Stefan a "lesbian opportunivore" then telling Lisa to look out
  • Any time Toby Young does a critique. "They have found the Weapons of Mass Destruction and they're on my plate." DAMN!
  • There's so much of Fabio that counts as Funny Moments.
    • "This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop" (on Jamie and her love of scallops)
    • "We could serve monkey ass on a clam shell and still win if I'm front of house" (on Restaurant Wars in Season 5)
    • Most of his interactions with Richard during Season 8, especially when Richard would start to fret
    • Fabio talking about his pet turtle
    • Fabio saying "Booger" instead of "Burger" in Season 8
    • "I thought you were going to tell me that I did such a bad job you were going to just kick me out" (on making the Top 4 during the Dim Sum challenge in Season 8)
  • Antonia saying "All I remember I did in high school was that I smoked a lot of pot"
  • Carla is also a magnet for this
    • Her happy dance after winning a trip to Amsterdam
    • Her Quickfire challenge where she made green eggs and ham and WON
    • Her calling for "Gaaaaiiiiiil? Gaiiiiiil?" as a reaction to Toby Young
    • Her "UNdonete" quote about her horribly undercooked quinoa in a Quickfire
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    • Her brief mockery of Angelo for spelling "crocodile" with an A.
    • Her giddy reaction to getting to cook chicken pot pie for the Jimmy Fallon birthday challenge. And then her reaction about winning the challenge.
    • "Redemption is slipping away. Far, far away. Bye, redemption!"
  • Dale L. confessing that he was making "crack for 10 year old kids" and then talking about a "10 year old rave" during Season 8's museum challenge
  • Dale T. saying that he thought Joe Jonas was a pastry chef
  • Hung of season 3 being forced to make a dish with cereal and deciding to make a cereal smurf village complete with chocolate milk and poached egg sun. He presented this to the skeptical guest judge with a totally straight face.
  • Michael Chiarello using pages of Saveur magazine as decor for one of his finale dishes on Masters as a playful jab at James Oseland, who was consistently the toughest critic for Michael to please.
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  • Angelo misspelling crocodile as "crocadile" during a Quickfire
  • Antonia, Angelo, and Carla singing the "Beef Tongue" song during Judges Table at the Jimmy Fallon challenge (all three had made the top)
  • The Cookie Quickfire with special guests Elmo, Telly, and the ''freakin'' Cookie Monster especially when Elmo said that Antonia's cookies (while they tasted good) looked like cow chips. And Richard actually attempting to make a cookie with zucchini in it to appease Elmo.
  • Season 8 Reunion show. Especially Antonia's 'Black Hammer' curse title and the 'bromance'.
  • Speaking of Antonia's Black Hammer, the reason why she gets that nicknamed is because anyone who teams up with her loses, that person gets sent home instead of Antonia. In Season 4, Nimma, Valerie & Zoi gets this and due to that some contestants wrote down a list of her 'victims'
    • This however didn't stop as in All Stars she has taken out 7 more victims, especially the runner ups from past seasons. They are Jennifer Carroll (S6),Dale Levitski (S3),Casey Thompson (S3),Tiffani Faison(S1),Jamie Lauren (S5),Marcel Vigneron (S2) and Tiffany Derry (S7) which totals up to 10 victims. This is definitely a curse even though Antonia says it is a 'coincidence'.
    • Bonus point if you realize that Antonia has taken out each contestants from individual season from Season 1 to Season 7
  • Tom during the Thanksgiving episode against a rival renowned chef. "Make cornbread, not war!"
  • In Season 8's Restaurant Wars, Tiffany accidentally blurts out that there were arguments on the line. When the judges pick up on it and ask about it, she covers her face a little and mutters an audible "uh oh".
  • The 2 part Restaurant Wars episode in season 13 is one of the best examples of ego taking down a contestant in a reality show.

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