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Le Von: Awwww yeah.
Barry: Aw yeah, baby.
Le Von: It's that time.
Barry: You know it's that time.
Le Von: I'm Le Von.
Barry: And I'm Barry, Mr. Egregious.
Le Von: And it's time... it's time for Funny Moments...
Barry: Funny Moments...
Le Von: ...from The State.
Barry: ...from The State.
Le Von: Awwww yeah.

  • "Service with a Smile," "Highbrow/Lowbrow," "Porcupine Racetrack"... Several candidates, actually, depending on whom you ask.
    • The most impressive thing about "Service With A Smile" is the complete lack of corpsing. Todd Holoubek never breaks character once, no matter how much he gets yelled at.
  • The commercial for Crispy Pops, both for its reductio ad absurdum of the cereal-commercial formula and for Ken Marino's Large Ham performance as a gibberish-spouting milkman.
    • In fact, any sketch where Ken Marino gets to go full Large Ham probably counts.
  • "In The Bathroom", a wish-fulfillment dream for anyone who's gone into the bathrooms of a high-class place and been astonished by all the amenities available next to the sink.
  • Michael Showalter as frustrated kids'-TV host Blueberry Johnson.
  • Ben Garant's love letter to bacon, a decade ahead of its time.
  • "Hormones", a visual metaphor where Joe LoTruglio and Kerri Kenney portray two horny teenagers alone in the house while the rest of the cast dress in goofy hormone outfits and dance around them.
  • The low-budget "local commercials", which were even shot on cheap video cameras for extra authenticity. "Don Law" and "Betty's No-Good Clothes Shop & Pancake House" are perhaps the most memorable.
  • "Coffee Family", for sheer motor-mouth chaos. "SLEEP?! AAAAAAHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

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