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Funny / The Singing Detective

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  • Marlow is being tortured by the mysterious hitmen when the Singing Detective shows up for his Big Damn Heroes moment. He pauses outside the door of the hospital ward and hears Marlow crying out in pain:
    Singing Detective: [to the camera] Will you listen to that? Can you hear the guy? Anyone'd think somebody was twisting his arm.
  • Marlow struggling to keep from getting an erection as the Hospital Hottie greases him.
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  • Dr. Finlay's evangelical Christian group. One of them tries to give the elderly patient called Noddy a hymn sheet. He tries and fails to stammer out a response but it's all too clear that he's trying to say "Fuck off."
  • Reginald finally having enough of Mr. Hall's snobbery and jibes and offering to ask the nurses to bring a bedpan for him. Very satisfying. Mr. Hall is noticeably friendlier after that.
  • When one of the Mysterious Men realizes that they don't have any relevance to the plot and gets angry. "We're padding!" They then hunt down the writer and proceed to shoot up the hospital ward in a hilarious sequence.


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