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Funny / The Rook

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  • In one of the previous Myfanwy's letters she details how the Checquy had managed to, after decades of searching, actually acquire a duck that could genuinely foretell the future and would respond to questions asked. She had been thinking about all the good they could do with it only for their fake psychic storm in, covered in blood and feathers, complaining that his attempt to perform an augury had failed because he hadn't bothered to look at their notes that made it clear there was no need to kill the duck. They were so disgusted that there was a semi-serious suggestion to have their vampire kill him.
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  • The dragon scene, in which Neil insists on calling himself "Adept" as a title, is a perfect full of himself brat to Myfanwy and everyone else, claims he's bonded with the dragon...and then the dragon takes off his head.