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    The Checquy  

Myfanwy Thomas

Played by: Emma Greenwell

Myfanwy Thomas, The Rook

A young woman with superhuman abilities who has had her memory stolen and is trying to figure out who betrayed her. She has the power to control and warp the bodies of others with her mind. One of the two Rooks in the Checquy.

  • Adaptational Sexuality: Myfanwy was a virgin in the novels but here she has a sexual relationship with all the bodies of Gestalt including the Eliza one. We know she also has had a relationship with another man before.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: The Vultures think she is weak; she kills twelve of them at once. Later she is attacked in a bank by two capable fighters and they also learn this is a bad idea.
  • Body Horror: Her ability to manipulate others' bodies allows her to kill in quite a gruesome way, which her new personality is less reluctant to use to defend herself with than her first one.


Played by: Jon Fletcher ("Alex" and "Teddy"), Ronan Raftery ("Robert") and Catherine Steadman ("Eliza")
Gestalt, A Rook

One person in four bodies, termed "Alex", "Teddy", "Robert" and "Eliza". Similar to the children of The Midwich Cuckoos, they are blond and share a hive mind. Although some think of them as siblings, they are really one consciousness operating four bodies that were born as quadruplets. Gestalt is the other of the two Rooks in the Checquy.

  • Adaptational Heroism:
    • In the books, Gestalt was The Mole. The mole's identity has been changed in the show so that book readers won't already know it.
    • They also don't try to produce more bodies for themself by having two of their bodies commit Brother–Sister Incest.
  • Always Identical Twins / Same-Sex Triplets: Averted. Only two of Gestalt's bodies are identical and the other two are fraternal, a combination which is more common for triplets and quadruplets in Real Life than all of them being identical.
  • Femme Fatale Spy: Maybe "Them Fatale"? Eliza, the female body of Gestalt, seduces a member of the Ludat while their other bodies copy his phone. When the task is complete they break off the seduction and leave.
  • Hive Mind: Gestalt is quadruplets (identical twin boys, another boy, and a girl) who have one overall mind running all the bodies.
  • Meaningful Name: 'Gestalt': two or more parts that are so integrated that we perceive them as one object.
  • Promoted to Love Interest: Myfanwy was a virgin in the novels but here she has a sexual relationship with all the bodies of Gestalt. They are also so in love with her it affects their ability to stay compartmentalized.

Linda Farrier

Played by: Joely Richardson
Linda Farrier, The King

The King in the Checquy, she leads the organization with equal parts caring and an iron fist. Has a soft spot for Myfanwy.

Conrad Grantchester

Played by: Adrian Lester
Conrad Grantchester, The Queen

The seemingly mysterious Queen and second-in-command in the Checquy, a graduate of Oxford with powerful connections. He controls chemical compounds in the air which can become a deadly toxin or knockout-gas. Is secretly having an affair.

Danielle Wulff

Played by: Shelley Conn
Danielle Wulff, A Chevalier

A Chevalier (French for Knight) in the Checquy, she is their PR expert, who is called in when they need a major cover story. She has a whole team who works with comms and PR for the department. Friendly with Conrad.

Ingrid Woodhouse

Played by: Ruth Madeley
Ingrid Woodehouse, A Pawn

A Pawn in the Checquy, she is a right hand to Myfanwy and works for the Rooks.

  • Disabled in the Adaptation: Since she is played by Ruth Madely, who was born with spina bifida, Ingrid is in a wheelchair in this adaptation. Her efficiency, red hair and insight are unchanged.

     The BVA  

Monica Reed

Played by: Olivia Munn
Monica Reed, BVA Agent

An agent from the American BVA, a Checquy sister agency, she's searching for another BVA agent that may or may not have gone rogue.

  • Super Strength: She can break locks with her bare hands and throw grown men out of her way.

Marcus Kevlar

Played by: Luke Roberts
Marcus Kevlar, A BVA agent

An agent from the American BVA, a Checquy equivalent, he went dark and has been working undercover for two years.

  • Super Senses: Monica says he can see for miles and separate whispers in a crowd.