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  • Any time Alice or Ed make fun of Ralph's weight.
  • In one episode, Ralph attempts to learn how to play golf and goes over the instructions with Ed. After Ralph questions what "address the ball" means, Ed demonstrates. Upon planting his feet firmly and positioning himself with the club, Ed addresses the ball: "Hello, ball!"
  • Ralph's stage fright when he and Norton attempt to make a commercial for their handy housewife helper, which causes some hilarious results, including some enforced method acting when Gleason accidentally knocks over the set!
  • Ralph going paranoid over a rent increase, doing anything to prevent it and, later, getting an eviction notice. He goes increasingly downhill, starting to compare himself to George Washington in Valley Forge, since heat, water, and electricity has been cut off. It culminates in Ralph underestimating the "enemy" by trying to get provisions by jumping out of a window, tying himself to a table. The table can't hold him, and the sheriff had a man put there to give Ralph the eviction notice. And Ralph lets himself and Alice get thrown out, thinking that the landlord is still bluffing. It takes it starting to snow for Ralph to finally crack, leading to him stalling for an incredibly long amount of time to come up with a reason that he finds good... and then claims it's because Alice gets viruses easily. Which leads to...
  • In another episode, when Alice walks out on Ralph for calling her mother a "BLAAAAABBERMOUTH!!" when she makes fun of him, then spoils the end of a play Ralph was going to watch, Ralph turns to Ed to help him get his wife back. Ed brings out a blank record for Ralph to record an apology message and pour out his heart on. It doesn't end well.
  • In another episode, Ralph and Ed accidentally get handcuffed together en route to a Raccoon Lodge convention in Minneapolis. Ralph is put through a lot of hell because of this. In the end, Ralph asks Ed if he wants something to eat or drink before they go to sleep while handcuffed. But then, just before Norton asks Ralph, "Ralph, you forgot to ask me one thing...", you can clearly hear someone laughing in the background while Norton feels around in his pocket for a match, as if in anticipation of Ralph about to blow up yet again.

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